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Chirrup Thu 21-Apr-22 12:51:26

Surely other people on here are appalled at the inconsistencies in American foreign policy ? America immediately jumped to the defence of Ukraine banging on about the sovereignty of this country being sacrosanct to determine its own future YET wasn’t quite as respectful concerning Cuba resulting in the Cuban Missile Crisis. America has an appalling history of interfering in other sovereign countries using methods that range from destabilisation by funding opposition of legitimate governments to assassination.
If Mexico decided tomorrow to form a security pact with Russia or China do you believe that America would allow this ? Yesterday a security pact was announced between the Solomon Islands and China. It will be interesting to see how supportive Uncle Sam is in regard to that.

volver Thu 21-Apr-22 12:57:34

Interesting first post Chirrup.

The Cuban Missile Crisis happened before my first birthday. I've got slightly more recent things to worry about.

Chirrup Thu 21-Apr-22 13:04:49

I’m extremely worried over the current situation. I don’t understand why diplomacy and statesmanship seem to have gone out of the window nowadays and seem to have been replaced by throwing petrol on a fire in the form of more weapons and the risk of escalation. I think all wars are totally abhorrent and it’s about time people started to work together for real peace in this world.
America demonised Russia and China and manipulates Nato. It has a lot of blood on it’s hands. The poor people of Ukraine are being used as cannon fodder for America to fight Russia by proxy.

volver Thu 21-Apr-22 13:09:17

I guess GN members will decide for themselves if they believe that the current situation in Ukraine is due to anybody demonising Russia, or whether a deluded despot has decided that he wants somebody else's country. Apologists for Russia need to examine thier motives.

I won't be saying anything else.

Chirrup Thu 21-Apr-22 13:20:02

Volver - to disagree with US foreign policy both historic and current doesn’t automatically make someone an apologist for Putin. Anyone who disagrees with the strategy being adopted at the moment is being branded some kind of traitor or delusional. The facts are plain to see that American foreign policy has contributed to this disaster in Ukraine. Hence Biden and the head of the CIA were interfering in Ukraine and on the ground there eight years ago. America were determined to get Nord Stream 2 stopped and have succeeded. This war could easily have been prevented. The Ukrainian people are paying the ultimate price for the policy decisions of a very small number of people.

Germanshepherdsmum Thu 21-Apr-22 13:26:47

So you are placing the blame for the war in Ukraine at America’s door? Deluded. And this will be my only post here too.

Oldwoman70 Thu 21-Apr-22 13:43:56

These are the same arguments being put forward in the comments sections of online newspapers - usually by those who sympathise with Putin. I too will not be posting here again.

Katie59 Thu 21-Apr-22 15:23:54

A lot more blood is going to be shed in Ukraine than the Cuban missile crisis, which after a lot of Sabre rattling was ended by both leaders meeting and agreeing to back down.

Much as I would like to see Ukraine win and kick the aggressors out, a deal is probable because NATO is not likely to give Ukraine heavy weapons and escalate the war.

In the long term I regret the current tension because it makes Russia closer to China and the threat of conflict in the Pacific is simmering.

DiamondLily Thu 21-Apr-22 15:32:22

I don't think the Cuban missile crisis is relevant.

I do understand that the West cannot escalate things in Ukraine, because of the threat of nuclear weapons being unleashed, but it's a shame that Ukraine will, probably, have to allow the Russians to annex the Eastern part at least.

Brave people though.

volver Thu 21-Apr-22 15:41:13

Despite saying I wouldn't, I'm going to comment.

This is not a serious thread wanting to discuss Ukraine.

Just in passing, people might want to know that social media is full of people trying to change the narrative to blame the US and the West. Just saying.

MaizieD Thu 21-Apr-22 17:55:20

While I am happy to agree that the US has, in the past, been more than ready to interfere in the politics of other countries, particularly if their ideology or their oil supplies were threatened, but in this instance the war is completely of Putin's making and a result of his delusive thinking. Since the ending of the Cold War the West has not interfered in Russia's affairs, nor has it threatened to attack it. In fact, it has bent over backwards to placate it and to tolerate outrages such as the annexation of the Crimea.

It is such a shame that Russia and the West could not have peaceably co-existed but it was never going to happen under Putin.

This isn't a thread I want to be involved in, either.

maddyone Thu 21-Apr-22 22:58:22

Putin started the war. He is indeed a deluded despot.

Blossoming Thu 21-Apr-22 23:03:26

.is that you Vladimir?

Lauren59 Thu 21-Apr-22 23:35:54

Can’t you just imagine Putin trolling Gransnet? grin 🤣😂🤣