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There is no tax cut that will help the lowest third of incomes.

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DaisyAnne Thu 12-May-22 12:17:20

So why, oh why, are the government not increasing benefits and pensions?

AGAA4 Thu 12-May-22 12:23:29

I am hoping they will be pressured into a windfall tax on the energy companies.
Having been totally against it they are now saying if those companies don't reinvest very soon then they may go ahead with taxing them.

paddyann54 Thu 12-May-22 13:14:56

meanwhile adding expenses for all 600+ MP's gives a total of over £136,000,000 last year ,ON TOP of their wages !
We are certainly not all in this together.
These expenses are ridicilous Lee Anderson who claimed you could eat on 30 pence a day claimed nearly 5K for travel and food

Granny23 Thu 12-May-22 13:21:21

I pay no NI and a minimal amount of Income tax (circa £170 pa) as I have only reduced State Pension and a tiny private pension). Most of my retired friends with no 'works pensions' pay no tax at all. Therefor a cut (or rise) in Income Tax or NI rates does not affect them directly, other than the increased cost of services and goods as firms increase their prices to cover the rise in taxation.

DaisyAnne Thu 12-May-22 13:49:02

This is true Granny23. I doubt that any cut in tax would actually help you very much either when we look at the prices the gas and electricity is expected to go up to.

Jane43 Fri 13-May-22 06:25:54

I agree, it is so annoying when Tory representatives on tv programmes such as Politics Live and News Night bang on about tweaks to National Insurance and a 1p cut in tax next year which are totally irrelevant to such a large percentage of the population.

As for a windfall tax: they are definitely wavering on this as they see the extent of popular opinion, as Jo Coburn pointed out on Politics Live yesterday they are probably holding back because it is a Labour policy. Suella Braverman took an absolute hammering on Question Time last night from an audience in Hackney on not only that but Tory inaction in general. People are very angry and rightly so, let’s put PartyGate and BeerGate to one side and focus on the really important issues which are being ignored by both main parties.