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Johnson propelled to leadership by donation channelled through a Russian bank

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Whitewavemark2 Thu 12-May-22 14:05:09

Reported in NY Times

“The donation, of $630,225, was made in February 2018 in the name of Ehud Sheleg, a wealthy London art dealer who was most recently the Conservative Party’s treasurer. The money was part of a fund-raising blitz that helped propel Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his party to a landslide victory in the 2019 general election.

But documents filed with the authorities last year and reviewed by The New York Times say that the money originated in a Russian account of Mr. Sheleg’s father-in-law, Sergei Kopytov, who was once a senior politician in the previous pro-Kremlin government of Ukraine. He now owns real estate and hotel businesses in Crimea and Russia.

“We are able to trace a clear line back from this donation to its ultimate source,” Barclays bank wrote in a January 2021 alert to the National Crime Agency. The bank, which maintained some of the accounts used in the transaction, flagged the donation as both suspected money laundering and a potentially illegal campaign donation.

varian Thu 12-May-22 14:23:30

No surprise there. Johnson got where he is because of Putin backing brexit. Having installed a useful idiot in the White House in 2016, Putin would naturally back Johnson to be his useful idiot in Downing Street

Germanshepherdsmum Thu 12-May-22 14:35:31

If the report to the NCA was made over a year ago, have they ignored it or are they investigating it, I wonder. It may be very difficult to prove that the money represented proceeds of crime. I imagine an investigation would be long and complex.

Wheniwasyourage Thu 12-May-22 15:18:53

Despair. Not just at the report, but at the fact that is so easy to believe that it is true. sad

Whitewavemark2 Thu 12-May-22 20:12:49

“BREAKING: Boris Johnson blocks publication of security service advice he received on Evgeny Lebedev.

MPs voted to compel release of all documents surrounding his peerage.

However, docs released today do not contain any such advice.

Total whitewash.”

HousePlantQueen Thu 12-May-22 20:41:19

The real shock is that most of us aren't shocked.

varian Sat 14-May-22 18:28:15

How we are seen from abroad-

"Boris Johnson's government denied fresh accusations of corruption on Sunday morning in the second scandal to hit the Conservative party in less than a week. But how much is too much for the British public?

Voters in Britain awoke to fresh accusations of corruption against Prime Minister Boris Johnson's government Sunday morning as a newspaper investigation found donors to the Conservative Party had been offered seats in the House of Lords.

The Sunday Times reported that 15 out of a total of 16 Conservative treasurers over the last two decades had donated more than £3 million to the party and then been offered a seat in parliament's upper chamber.

In response the government denied corruption claims for the second time in less than a week following what has been dubbed a “sleaze scandal” involving former Conservative MP for North Shropshire, Owen Paterson.

Last week government watchdog the Parliamentary Commission for Standards found Paterson had repeatedly lobbied government and officials on behalf of two companies whom he was working for as a consultant for a fee of £100,000 a year."

Wheniwasyourage Sat 14-May-22 18:39:18

A lot of us care very much, but what can we do about it? I have contacted my (Tory) MP several times but he doesn't reply. I didn't vote for him last time and I won't vote for him next time, but what else is there? I'm disgusted by the sleaze and the corruption and embarrassed by how we look to the rest of the world. Maybe revolution is the only way... sad