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Can we learn from the "Teal" Independant who won seats in Australia.

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DaisyAnne Sun 29-May-22 12:49:49

This was the first article that alerted me to the women's part in this election. My Australian/British son flagged it up for me.

One part that really made me sit up was this. If Australia’s history wasn’t so conveniently parsed and packaged to exclusively showcase the achievements of white men, we might have seen it coming.

We’ve been here before.

In 1902, Australia became the first country in the world where white women could both vote and stand for parliament. With the passage of the Franchise Act, 800,000 new voters were instantly added to the electoral rolls.

It seems the Australian women are pushing the country forward still today.

DaisyAnne Sun 29-May-22 12:26:51

"Teal" has come from the blue that represents a more conservative (Liberal in Australia) monetary view combined with the green veiws of climate change.

This give a little more infomation and just look at who they aresmile