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An interesting experiment

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Loobs Sat 06-Aug-22 14:43:51

My wonderful father, who will be 98 yrs young at the end of the year and still lives independently with a brain as sharp as a tack, was telling me that he has decided to stop reading the Telegraph (after nearly 70 years) as it is too expensive. I think it's actually because my stepmother pinches it before he gets to read it and makes a mess of it so he doesn't enjoy reading it like he did! He is now going to read The Guardian online. He currently thinks that Boris should be allowed to 'finish Brexit' - my father voted leave (aaargh) - and that he actually hasn't done a bad job. In our weekly chat I sometimes mention stuff like the wallpaper BJ got at something like £800 a roll, or the fact that he has a somewhat skewed moral compass and my dad always says that he wasn't aware of any of these things. So - after reading the Guardian for a couple of months will he change his mind and think that maybe the Conservatives have had their day (at least for now) ? It will be interesting to see because newspapers like the Daily Mail and the Daily Telegraph are so biased to the right, the Guardian totally the opposite and I often wonder how much influence they have on our thinking. I will let you know how he gets on.

Fleurpepper Sat 06-Aug-22 14:48:17

Oh my- you can only hope. Yes, do up-date us!

Smileless2012 Sat 06-Aug-22 14:49:27

Your dad sounds great Loobs. Wow almost 98, somehow I don't think he'll changing his mindsmile.

Ilovecheese Sat 06-Aug-22 14:51:30

Well I am not so sure about the Guardian being that left wing, to me, they are more what I would call liberal.
Some of the commentators are left wing, I agree, Owen Jones, say, but some are right wing, Simon Jenkins for instance.
But yes, a very interesting experiment.

CatsCatsCats Sat 06-Aug-22 14:57:45

I think it's more likely that he'll get fed up with a point of view so different to his own, and go hurriedly back to The Telegraph or Daily Mail.

Do let us know what happens.

Chocolatelovinggran Sat 06-Aug-22 15:10:28

Oh, how very interesting, Loobs. Please keep us informed.

kittylester Sat 06-Aug-22 17:02:23

What a ridiculous thought Loobs. People don't live in bubbles. I read the Mail and the Times. But also knew about Boris's wallpaper etc. News is everywhere not just in the papers. Though actually I think that's where I read about the wallpaper.

eazybee Sat 06-Aug-22 17:24:48

Have you read the Telegraph?
I do and it contained full, and critical, details of the wallpaper and Lulu Lytle (?)'s designs, although the price seems to increase every time it is mentioned. No -one in the Conservative government will admit to having seen it.

If you had read the Telegraph you would also notice it was and still is, sharply critical of Boris Johnson's government when it felt it was warranted; not all the time, but certainly not as biased as you choose to believe.

AGAA4 Sat 06-Aug-22 17:30:43

Fans of Boris will overlook anything they don't want to know about.

eazybee Sat 06-Aug-22 17:46:39

Fans of Boris will overlook anything they don't want to know about.
What a fatuous statement.

varian Sat 06-Aug-22 17:49:39

An interesting experiment. Some say he might be too old to change but let's see.

Galaxy Sat 06-Aug-22 20:35:51

Real concerns being raised about the culture at the guardian with regard to misogyny, so keep an eye on him wink

MayBee70 Sat 06-Aug-22 21:48:20

I’m interested to see what happens. We used to buy the Telegraph because DH used to like the sports section but when we cancelled and they kept offering him all sorts of deals he told them he didn’t want it even if they offered it to him for free.

Casdon Sat 06-Aug-22 21:59:50

I don’t know. My parents are in their nineties, but they’ve always read the Guardian. My mum would deem the Telegraph only suitable for lining the cat litter tray.

MerylStreep Sat 06-Aug-22 22:05:48

For those who believe the Daily Mail never criticise Boris, they’ve obviously never read Peter Hichins articles on him.
He doesn’t hold back.

Grantanow Sun 07-Aug-22 11:45:53

Maybe your dad will come to realise Brexit is a disaster after a few weeks of The Guardian but even Telegraph readers must see information about small businesses unable to cope with all the export form filling, the problems faced by fresh fish exporters, t ofhe Northern Ireland problem (which Boris obviously lied about - 'no checks') and the queues at Dover caused by our not being part of the common travel area any more. Rees-Mogg, the laughably entitled Minister for Brexit Opportunities, moved his investment business to Dublin to stay in the EU single market. He's alright, Jack. Michael Heseltine thinks we should re-join and he is right.

varian Sun 07-Aug-22 18:28:45

Loobs I might advise your father to read the "i" in addition to reading the "Guardian". Possibly he could also have a look at the "Financial Times" or even the "Mirror" for a bit of balance.

fairfraise Sun 07-Aug-22 18:36:28

The trouble with The Guardian online is that you can only read one or two items before it pops up asking for money or even telling you that you have read x number of articles this month. I just use it for the crosswords which I print off daily.

Casdon Sun 07-Aug-22 18:39:57

It doesn’t mean you have to pay fairfraise you can read unlimited Guardian articles for free. Just press the cross in the right hand corner, and carry on.

fairfraise Sun 07-Aug-22 18:44:57

I'll try that tomorrow!

fairfraise Sun 07-Aug-22 18:49:23

In fact I just read some on this tablet. It seems to be on the laptop upstairs that I come across frequent reminders for money.

varian Sun 07-Aug-22 19:37:02

I do make donations to the Guardian from time to time as although I seldom buy the print version I do look at Guardian online and I think it would be a disaster if the Guardian ceased to exist.

MayBee70 Sun 07-Aug-22 22:59:19

I must emit that we have The Times online now and quite like it ( I love Caitlin Morgan’s weekly column). I feel that I should buy The Guardian now and again ( especially as I’m running out of newspaper now we don’t have a daily paper) but I really loathe Owen Jones. I found a box full of old Observers in the shed today. I always find reading old newspapers fascinating. The one on top of the pile had an article about Margaret Hodge that I’m going to read.

nanna8 Mon 08-Aug-22 00:37:38

The Guardian seems very self righteous to me. Mind you, a lot of newspapers do these days. I used to be a big fan of The Age, similar to the Guardian in attitude but it has become unreadable. I would really like an independent newspaper but, hey, not going to happen in my lifetime.

Zoejory Mon 08-Aug-22 00:45:56

I'm not one for sticking to one paper. I read them online. Guardian, Mail, Times, Independent.

Just wanted to say that the Mail is very anti Boris.