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Sewage leaks in hospitals

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varian Wed 22-Feb-23 17:32:00

By now we are all sadly aware of the scope of the NHS crisis, you may think of the crippling waiting lists, shortages of staff and beds, strikes and even crumbling roofs.

Now Liberal Democrat research has discovered the shocking news that hundreds of hospitals have also been experiencing sewage leaks in critical areas such as A&E departments, cancer wards and maternity centres.

A staggering 456 sewage leaks were reported in England’s hospitals over the past 12 months.

Grantanow Sun 05-Mar-23 15:16:32

I'm surprised no-one has commented so far about sewage leaks in the NHS. Perhaps we are all suffering from 'NHS in crisis' fatigue.

MaizieD Sun 05-Mar-23 17:29:00

I just cannot bear hearing any more bad news about the condition of the UK.

There seem to be people optimistic that Sunak's leadership might give the tories an opportunity to win the next GE but really?

The country seems to be awash with sewage, the NHS is literally and metaphorically falling apart, rail services are appalling in some parts of the UK, thousands of public employees are having their wages kept low' despite the cost of living crisis. Now we're being treated to revelations of the utter contempt with which we were regarded by ministers and advisors during the covid pandemic (and it's ongoing, although the government is pretending it isn't). There must be millions of disgruntled voters who will not forgive or forget.

I just can't see the tories pulling back from all that...

nanna8 Wed 08-Mar-23 04:42:28

Ohh- noice. In the early 1970s when I had 2 babies in British hospitals the wards and the bathrooms were filthy. Obviously nothing’s changed. You’d think they would clean the poo off the bathroom walls at least .