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Careful what you say, or you may end up without any banking facilities.

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M0nica Wed 19-Jul-23 08:44:03

The DT headline news today is that Nigel Farage's bank, Coutts, unilaterally shut down his bank account with them, not, as they said originally because his assets fell below a minimum figure but because:

He doesn't align with our values He is seen as zenophobic and racist. He is considered by many to be a disingenuous grifter. Being associated with NF represents a material and ongoing reputaional risk to the bank

So now you know, we have a a new set of self-appointed censors in the land. Hold the wrong political views - and thats it, your bank account will be closed down.

And why should they stop at political views? Will the banks start closing the bank accounts of any one with contentious ethical or religious views, or because they are in the public eye for some aspect of their behaviour.

Will Huw Edwards, Philip Schofield, Katie Price, Prince Harry have their bank accounts closed down because the banks, who daily process millions, if not billions of £s for drug dealers, corrupt members of corrupt regimes, whose people starve while they stash £millions away in secret bank accounts, consider that the above named ^do not align with their values'

Who gave the banks, and when, the right to censor what we do and what we think and withdraw, that absolute essential of life today - a bank account - because someone's political or other views offend their delicate consciences?

DiamondLily Tue 19-Sep-23 10:52:56

After investigation, by the FCA, it has been established that there is no evidence of people being debanked because of their politics.

Still, I suppose it gave Farage and co 5 minutes back in the spotlight to grandstand: 🙄

Siope Tue 19-Sep-23 11:10:55


But now Farage has a new target in the FCA. The man is a tool.

suzikyoo Thu 21-Sep-23 09:09:38

Well put, MOnica. Big Brother is safe and well!

Namsnanny Sat 23-Sep-23 15:28:37

Well, let's put a bit of balance in place

The FCA asked banks to submit figures centred on one 12 month period
Excluding the period of NF's de banking

Is that going to give a fair result?

Many MPs are aghast at this self serving report.

As for NF being referred to as a 'tool', he is a very useful one in this case, as who else would be capable of bringing the banking establishment to heal?

It's always foolish to name call

The FCA didnt require evidence, just a tick box answer.

Is that a good way to get unbiased information?