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Marrakech Earthquake

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nanna8 Sun 10-Sep-23 00:31:58

Awful news about this coming through with at least 2,000 killed. Still in the holiday period so probably a lot of tourists involved as well as those poor locals. It makes you feel so sorry for those living in earthquake zones because there is often no warning whatsoever.

biglouis Sun 10-Sep-23 01:00:42

I have friends who live in Casablanca and I know Marrakesh well. Such an interesting city. The old city has very narrow and winding streets which will impede rescue operations.

Luckygirl3 Sun 10-Sep-23 07:31:39

This dreadful news came through the day after my DD had told me she is going there in November .....

nanna8 Sun 10-Sep-23 08:20:21

I am really fed up with our news people here. The top story was not the earthquake but a couple of stupid, pathetic criminals shooting at each other in Sydney. Sometimes I despair at the near sightedness of these journos.

Fleurpepper Sun 10-Sep-23 08:31:40

Friends who own a lovely B&B in Marrakesh were in France to watch the opening match of the rugby. They messaged to say the house has not been damaged, but that it is chaos out there.

ginny Sun 10-Sep-23 08:34:39

Awful news. Glad to say that two of my DDs arrived home last weekend after a holiday there.

MerylStreep Sun 10-Sep-23 08:37:04

We’ve spent several winters in Morocco with our Motohome.
Lovely people, so helpful if you had a problem as we did with a water hose.
Very sad.

Fleurpepper Sun 10-Sep-23 08:39:40

Next step, what can we do to actually HELP

Visgir1 Sun 10-Sep-23 08:41:09

Heartbreaking news.
I was in Turkey few years ago, woke up with the open Bathroom window banging, made DH get up and close it, thought it was the wind.
Friends who were sleeping down starts got up as they knew something was wrong. Saw the Swimming pool sloshing water, chairs falling over everywhere then it stopped.
We were on the far, far edge of apprently an Earthquake at sea.
So my heartfelt sympathy to those poor souls in the main area.

1summer Sun 10-Sep-23 08:57:51

On the same day last year my son was in the Atlas Mountains and close to where the epicentre was. And later he was in Marrakech, luckily his friends in Morocco are all ok.
The videos of the shaking Minaret in Marrakesh were terrifying! Tragic situation

westendgirl Sun 10-Sep-23 13:49:56

I love Morocco and have spent some memorable times in various parts including the Atlas mountains.
I read today in the Times that the British red cross are taking donations but there wasn't a link.

westendgirl Sun 10-Sep-23 14:26:35

If you go into British Red Cross you will find that there is already a collection set up.

shysal Sun 10-Sep-23 17:44:10

DD2 and her family went to Marrakesh last Thursday for a week's holiday. She messaged me in the early hours of yesterday morning to say that they are all safe but had been evacuated from the hotel. She was worried that I would see the news before hearing from her. 'What ifs' have been going round in my head since. I could have lost 5 family members plus 2 GS's girlfriends all in one go!
Their hotel has re-opened with only a small amount of damage. They are so sorry for the staff, who are going through hell, and don't feel able to enjoy themselves. Their offers of help have been refused.
It will be years before the area can be repaired!