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'Scam' on energy prices!!!!

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Franbern Wed 13-Sep-23 11:05:13

So, the energy companies are sending out emails informing us how they are lowering their prices as from 1st October!!!!!

Yep, right, whist they are very slightly reducing the per unit charge, they are INCREASING THE daily standing charge on both Leccie and Gas. Mine (EDF) by 42p per day for gas and 50p pr day for Leccie. Meaning, whether I use it or not, whether I am even at home or not, my charges are going up by over six pounds per week!!!

It is bad enough they are doing this, but to try to convince us thaey are lowering the cost of energy is just treating us as idiots1!!!

Caravansera Fri 15-Sep-23 11:22:30

Thanks for the link growstuff.

It will be interesting to see if the other big five follow. As we’ve discussed, this latest increase in the standing charge is small, £3 a year per household on average but if, say, OVO serves 5 million households that’s still 15 million in revenue it is waiving.

It’s also a timely gesture that could attract new business. Octopus is now vying with BG to be the biggest supplier. Having just spent six months assimilating former Bulb customers, it’s now got to do the same with a similar number from Shell Energy. There could be a bit of turbulence in Octopus’s levels of customer-service while that happens.

In Martin Lewis’s latest podcast (near the end) he talks about a new electricity only supplier called Fuse Energy that is offering good prices. His advice comes with the usual caveats: it’s small, questions whether it could it cope with big influx of new customers, better for customers who are used to regular switching and know the drill, but worth a look.

Nannashirlz Fri 15-Sep-23 12:25:48

I was with EDF until 2 months ago when I moved I’m now with Scottish power. My last place was all electric this place is both but I’m paying the same amount per month than I was but it’s charging me less in power in this place than I was in my other by £50 a month but I’m doing the same things. I watch my smart meter to see what stuff is costing me.

win Fri 15-Sep-23 12:43:29

Talk about confusion lOL

notgoneyet Fri 15-Sep-23 13:24:46

I'm with Octopus. At the moment I'm paying 34.8p per day for electricity, and 26.16p per day for gas. I thought THAT was too much, but judging from some of the messages here, it's one of the lower ones. I've not been told yet of any increase.

SpringyChicken Fri 15-Sep-23 17:51:30

Granbern , I think you are confusing £0.42 with 0.42p and £0.5 with 0.5p.

SpringyChicken Fri 15-Sep-23 17:52:33

Sorry, that should read Franbern, not Granbern!

Ethelwashere1 Sat 16-Sep-23 09:45:59

This all has me so confused. Why are there so many deals and tariffs why can’t we just pay the same. I was brainwashed into paying monthly a set fee, last year they had over 400.00 of my money. They said it was a good idea to keep it in case my consumption rose over the winter. I ended my agreement and now just pay for what I use but I pay by direct debit. They are now hassling me to join a scheme to pay 170 per month when the most I used even in winter was 55.00 a month. They said that by paying what I use I would have my charged risen by 1.50 per unit elec and 1.00 gas. My question is why do they feel the need to budget for their customers. I’ve come to the conclusion it’s to keep the greedy shareholders happy. Why do they think they need to keep our money, why do they think we can’t budget for ourselves. I am happy to be cold in the winter to save my bill, I was cold in the 1950s/60s as a child.
I also remember picking up sticks from the hedges to burn for kindling.
Don’t get me started on standing charges which I’ve been told are going up next month.
My 92 year old mother has been hassled continually by Eon and now pays by cheque every month they have put her unit price up too. It’s a form of bullying everyone to pay extra.