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Depressing to say the least....

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LovesBach Tue 07-Nov-23 09:45:58

Last week a man fell into the River Ouse in North Yorkshire, and was struggling, unable to keep his head above water. There were several aids close by along the river bank, but people stood filming instead of helping. The Police came and he was rescued, and it seems they needed to say that if you see someone drowning, please try to help and don't stand there filming. Reading this news item today was profoundly depressing.

Oreo Tue 07-Nov-23 12:07:49

Yeah, depressing is the word alright. That people should have to be asked to help instead of filming.What a world!

Glorianny Tue 07-Nov-23 12:17:16

I've just read about it. I know that stretch of the river, can't believe people just watched and took selfies. There are loads of floats. Unbelievable!!!

Theexwife Tue 07-Nov-23 12:29:01

There are some awful people around that want to be the first to share bad news or a tragedy.

More than once there have been photos and film on the local Facebook page of recent car accidents in the area, what an awful way to discover a friend or family member has been involved.

welbeck Tue 07-Nov-23 12:58:30

what kind of examples have they had ?
why wouldn't we do that ?

LovesBach Tue 07-Nov-23 13:30:30

Exactly. I didn't want to think about what they might do with their video clips if he had drowned. They must have been people without a shred of compassion or a sense of caring for others - but all of them? It's hard to believe.

Grantanow Tue 07-Nov-23 13:44:57


ronib Wed 08-Nov-23 07:27:52

Well thankfully the man survived somehow. I am even more depressed that a 15 year old youth was stabbed to death in Horsforth outside a primary school by 3 lads.