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vegansrock Wed 08-Nov-23 05:32:19

What was the point of this pantomime? Unelected man in fancy clothes and stolen jewels reading out a list written by an unelected man outlining a load of stuff that won’t get done - why doesn’t the PM read his own bloody speech? What’s the point of all this made up ceremony ? The government has had 13 years to do all this stuff and have done bugger all except wreck the country. Nothing about the NHS or education. It’s all a complete farce.

paddyann54 Wed 08-Nov-23 06:19:34

He'll read anything he's told to as long as his cash keeps flowing in.Greedy greedy man...paid no inheritance tax on billions of pounds and still accepted a huge rise in taxpayers funding of the RF! While"HIS SUBJECTS" ARE STRUGGLING TO SURVIVE
The very fact Sunak announced selling North Sea licences every year until goodness knows when and Chuckie who is apparently in favour of stopping fossil fuel said it all .
That'll be the oil that "Sir" Ian Wood told Scotland was running out in 2014 ! The same oil that Denis Healey told us was running out in the late 70's They wont let us go until they've bled us dry
Just like they did with the colonies ..India 43 TRILLION taken while telling the world India was too poor and incompetent to run itself .
There are many oh here who thin thats acceptable !!

M0nica Wed 08-Nov-23 06:22:24

The 'made up ceremony' has evolved over many 100s of years and I see no harm in it, other countries also have cermeonies and regalia at the heart of their parliaments.

Quite separately, if what was said offended you, then that is a personal construct. i didn't think much of it either, but there will be those who did. and those who didn't give a toss each way

Whitewavemark2 Wed 08-Nov-23 06:27:58

Nothing to address the severe housing crises.

Nothing to address the level of poverty in the U.K., for which the government has been censured by the UN.

Whitewavemark2 Wed 08-Nov-23 06:34:22

Nothing positive on the environment.

“Consultations” on water quality aka “ swept under the carpet”

Hetty58 Wed 08-Nov-23 06:57:57

I just can't see the point. OK, it's traditional - but we've dropped many outdated traditions. Apparently, Chas just loves all the pomp and ceremony, others do as well - but they must be a minority, so why bother? - such a waste of money.

Kalu Wed 08-Nov-23 07:07:13

Change of laws to encourage teenagers to stop vaping - encouraging adults to vape to stop smoking. You couldn’t make it up.
Meanwhile…NHS Education Housing Poverty???

BigBertha1 Wed 08-Nov-23 07:09:50

I'm definitely a Royalist but it's time to modernise this ceremony and put this into the business world. If like to see the H of P turned into a museum and government business conducted in practical modern offices and on line. Reduce the
Lords considerably. I do enjoy ceremonial but this particular ceremony with its 'Hat on a Stick' had me shaking my head.

GrannyGravy13 Wed 08-Nov-23 07:24:15

Nobody is forced to watch it.

The ceremony is part of our cultural heritage, just like changing of the guard, ceremony of the keys, Lord Mayors Show etc.

The content of the speech is changeable, the ceremony not.

Greta Wed 08-Nov-23 07:27:10

Bread and circuses again. Ignore the mess we are in and what really matters because we apparently "do these ceremonies better than anywhere else".
I thought the King looked sad and fed up.

BigBertha1 Wed 08-Nov-23 07:28:51

I agree Greta. I wondered whether he was inwardly shaking his head and thinking of change.

Ailidh Wed 08-Nov-23 07:29:40

I enjoyed the ceremonial.

The speech is not the King's opinion, just what the government proposes to do. It was not an impressive set of proposals. Not the King's fault.

I missed Huw Edwards' voice.

Grammaretto Wed 08-Nov-23 07:44:11

I thought Charlie looked very old and tired. Maybe this will be the first and last time. He enjoyed saying that this was the first Kings Speech for 70 years. He didn't sound as though he believed anything he was reading.

CoolCoco Wed 08-Nov-23 07:52:23

M0nica this particular ceremony is not 100s of years old - it was made up in the Victorian era.

GrannyGravy13 Wed 08-Nov-23 07:58:17

The monarch’s speech at the opening of parliament dates back to the 16th century

The current ceremony dates back to 1852 on the reopening of the Palace of Westminster after the fire in the 1830’s

Whitewavemark2 Wed 08-Nov-23 08:00:53

It seems that the general opinion amongst Tory MPs that it was totally underwhelming and will do nothing to address the 20 point lead by Labour in the polls.

There was nothing if anything new. It really is time for a new government.

Enid101 Wed 08-Nov-23 08:12:00

I thought Charles looked tired too. Camilla is always entertaining though - almost sitting down before Charles and inspecting her nails during a dull bit of the ceremony!

GrannyGravy13 Wed 08-Nov-23 08:16:44

King Charles is 75 next week (14/11) how do you expect him to look?

He is not going to be doing cartwheels through the Palace of Westminster…

yggdrasil Wed 08-Nov-23 08:27:21

He has to read it as the PM has written. It was very clear he didn't like it and it went against his beliefs, but the monarch has no choice.
For many centuries it has been Parliament in charge. Don't blame the King for the current decisions of the Tory party

Grammaretto Wed 08-Nov-23 08:34:30

Well GrannyGravy his DM was still riding her horse daily at his age and he's the same age as me so yes I do suppose he should look a bit less weary.
I think he was probably missing his mum and like some of us, wondering what the heck he was doing there , spouting such uninspiring twaddle while there is so much wrong in the world he hasn't been able to improve.

Chardy Wed 08-Nov-23 08:37:47

Does anyone know how much this pointless ceremony cost?

pascal30 Wed 08-Nov-23 08:41:05


Nothing positive on the environment.

“Consultations” on water quality aka “ swept under the carpet”

and his son if off on the other side of the world giving out Green sustainability awards!! so hypocritical

Joseann Wed 08-Nov-23 08:44:29

I'd do it if I were Queen, wear the fancy clothes and a silly hat as some call it, because I think so many of our old traditions are disappearing I'd like to hang on to a few.
As for what was in the speech given to me to read, I'd love to tear it up publicly, throw the bits in the air and just say I'd like to knock everyone in Government's heads together because they're making a right mess of it all.
I think Charles looked tired and resigned. At least the troublemaker on the other side of the Atlantic has gone quiet!

nanna8 Wed 08-Nov-23 08:46:30

Well I’m not going to listen to it now, sounds like a waste of time. I don’t mind Charles as a monarch, he does his best in difficult circumstances.

Sparklefizz Wed 08-Nov-23 08:49:48

At least the troublemaker on the other side of the Atlantic has gone quiet!

He hasn't, though, because he released a video of a speech, wearing his medals but not the one given to him by Charles for the coronation, and timed this to clash with both Charles' Opening of Parliament and William's Earthshot event.