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Mel1967 Sun 17-Mar-24 21:59:42

How can what is happening in Russia be right??
Does Vladimir Putin feel that just because there has been an election, that he has a democratic state??
What are your thoughts??

Galaxy Sun 17-Mar-24 22:03:12

I am not sure democracy is high on his agenda.

fancythat Sun 17-Mar-24 22:17:02

I felt I could hardly bear to watch it.

M0nica Sun 17-Mar-24 22:17:35

What has right got to do with it. He is a dictator prepared to imprison and kill to get his way.

He is not interested in democracy he just goes through the motions to give his continuation in power the thinnest of veneers of respectability. No different from the tinpot dictator in North Korea or China, or any other dictator at any time in history.

NanKate Sun 17-Mar-24 22:20:59

Putin is a mad murdering monster.

I’m so disappointed some parties in the USA are dragging their feet about sending financial aid to Ukraine. Even in Europe there is some slowing up of help.

WWIII must be avoided.

petra Sun 17-Mar-24 22:46:59

What are your thoughts
My thoughts are that you have a very simplistic view of Russia.
Do you read any articles on the situation in Russia?
Are you aware of their economic situation? They aren’t doing too bad. And as a strategist to Bill Clinton once said: it’s the economy, stupid. That quote is not personal to anyone here but it applies to Russia.

M0nica Mon 18-Mar-24 06:49:39

Petra can I assume that you believe that Putin got 87% of the vote because nearly everyone voted for him because the economy is doing so well.

fancythat Mon 18-Mar-24 07:28:22

Gosh petra.
I am aware sometimes that I dont agree with you.
But sometimes, when I realise I dont agree with someone quite often, a poster says something like you have done, and I become aware just how far apart on our opinions are.

JollyJilly Mon 18-Mar-24 07:35:11

Perhaps the Russian people are voting for him because they want to. I am more bothered about the unelected powers that be who are running our country and that also goes for the unelected old codgers in the House of Lords who can vote against anything they don't like.

Katie59 Mon 18-Mar-24 07:39:37

What a surprise Putin got a landslide victory, there never was going to be any other result why are we surprised.

He will use it as justification for continuing the Ukraine war, so unless NATO ups its support massively the war is lost. If there were marches in support of Ukraine I might have some hope.
NATO has hesitated allowing Russia to gear up for war production, it looks unlikely that the US will make a decision on aid, whatever Europe decide to do will be too little too late.

fancythat Mon 18-Mar-24 07:39:48

Like they do in N Kor ea and China?

Oh I agree that no doubt there is a significant number who may want to vote for him.

But, good finances or not, a huge lack of personal freedon doesnt matter?

fancythat Mon 18-Mar-24 07:40:17

That was to JJ.

GrannyGravy13 Mon 18-Mar-24 07:43:55

I am amazed that people are surprised he won, it was a foregone conclusion.

MaizieD Mon 18-Mar-24 08:42:09


I am amazed that people are surprised he won, it was a foregone conclusion.


He would have won even if there'd been more votes cast against him than for him😆

M0nica Mon 18-Mar-24 09:03:09

Gosh, Jollyjilly, do you think they actually counted the votes in Russia rather than just announcing the result they had decided on.

MPs in the House of Common unelected? If this was Russia Keir Starmer would long ago have been arrested, imprisoned and, sadly, died of a heart attack. most of the Labour front bench would be living in exile.

Yes, the House of Lords is large representative, but members now are largely appointed for political service or public service and can stand back and take a view of policy without the relentless pressure of opinion polls brething down their neck and they have, i assume the wisdom and knowledge that comes from their age and wide expereience of every sector of our economy.

Freya5 Mon 18-Mar-24 09:06:59

Heard on some news , cannot remember which one, that Putin has been compared to a modern day Stalin.

foxie48 Mon 18-Mar-24 09:09:16

As Katie59 has said he will use it as a justification for stepping up the war in Ukraine. He may control the media but he can't control what soldiers tell their families about what is happening in Ukraine. As usual with wars, the history of the region, particularly Crimea, is not straightforward, with lots of people with ties to Ukraine living in Russia and vice versa. Russia is an absolutely huge country with such a range of people, different living standards etc sadly I'm not sure that it could ever be a proper functioning democracy and it's certainly not one now.

Sarnia Mon 18-Mar-24 09:11:09

Who is going to stand against him? The majority of them are either in prison, in exile or dead.

M0nica Mon 18-Mar-24 11:15:02

One of the things Stalin did was move large groups of people around so that there ethnic Russians formed a significant part of the population in every part of the USSR, he then moved people from their areas to othe provinces in Russia.

In the same way, he made each province's agriculture a mono culture. The Ukraine grew wheat, Uzbekistan grew cotton. The idea is that every province was so dependent on other provinces for their basic supplie they would not be able to split apart.

Katie59 Mon 18-Mar-24 17:29:29

The Soviet command economy was so inefficient that it struggled to feed the population and eventually collapsed. Then despite widespread corruption the whole eastern block burst into production, many nations have become reliant on Russian food, oil and arms.
Newly enriched Putin decides to regain lost territory, his generals miscalculate the invasion of Ukraine for sure, it was going to be a quick takeover. Now it’s a war of attrition, unless NATO arms Ukraine quickly it will be too late because Russian industry is on a war footing and will get stronger quickly.

NanKate Mon 18-Mar-24 17:48:17

I have just read that one of the first people to congratulate Putin on his re-election is the POPE. What a bl**dy disgrace.

If I was a Catholic I would denounce him.

M0nica Mon 18-Mar-24 19:44:59

Nankate Hold your horses, and check your sources. So far only the RUSSIAN media have reported this. No confirmation from the Vatican or western media sources.

NanKate Mon 18-Mar-24 21:17:34

Let’s hope I’m wrong MOnica. Thanks for pointing this out.

Callistemon21 Mon 18-Mar-24 22:15:57


Nankate Hold your horses, and check your sources. So far only the RUSSIAN media have reported this. No confirmation from the Vatican or western media sources.

The EU President Charles Michel apparently congratulated him too - days before his victory was declared.


Perhaps it's a case of keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

M0nica Tue 19-Mar-24 07:15:10

President Putin has been weaponising the Russian Orthodox church. The Patriarch of church is one of Putins besties and has endorsed the invasion of Ukraine.

Putin is trying to turn the Ulraine war into a religious jihad. The godless west against the religion of the Russians.

Pope Francis, who has been trying to bring eastern and western Christianity together has already rebuked him once for politising religion. EU authroities want to put the Patriarch on the sanctions list.

There is an excellent article on the subject (from which I got the above information at