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Yet another cause for National Shame.

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GillT57 Wed 28-Jul-21 11:15:42

I am referring to the disgraceful situation whereby Afghan nationals who were working as interpretors and other such roles during the conflict are now being refused sanctuary here. I know that some have already, but the news is of several hundred who have been refused or are still waiting. Several major military figures from all forces are trying to get this sorted and have spoken of their shame at the situation. The Taliban do not hold a trial, if you are considered to have 'collaborated' then you and your family are likely to be executed. Presumably this is a Home Office matter, namely the kindhearted and understanding Ms Patel?

MoorlandMooner Wed 28-Jul-21 11:50:59

This is the only article I've been able to find on this subject GillT57. Admittedly it's from May but it seems to present a very different picture.

Can you please post a link to the more information to which you refer as I can't find anything and would like to learn more. Thank you.

Welshwife Wed 28-Jul-21 12:05:46

I heard it on -Today - this morning. Things cannot be going as smoothly as the article suggests for these officers to be trying to do more now.

Dinahmo Wed 28-Jul-21 12:08:39

There is an article in the Washington post about the treatment of interpreters working for the Americans which aligns with the OP.

Here's a link

This has been going on for a number of years. I searched on the Guardian website and found various articles.

Dinahmo Wed 28-Jul-21 12:12:19

I think that the govt has as usual said they are going to do something and then do nothing, or very little. Unfortunately the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan has led to an escalation of war between the govt forces and the Taliban and many innocent people are caught up in the cross fire.

Lucca Wed 28-Jul-21 12:13:52

But no doubt lessons will be learned.

GillT57 Wed 28-Jul-21 12:15:15

This on Daily Mail website, plus it is being discussed on BBC news bulletins in between Olympics coverage today

NotSpaghetti Wed 28-Jul-21 12:24:06

I first read about this in 2014. There was an interview with a senior British military person who was unable to bring to safety his own interpreter.

I have written to my MP about this but nothing...
Here's an article from 2018:

NotSpaghetti Wed 28-Jul-21 12:29:37

And here's a powerful podcast piece from America (where they also have a habit of leaving people behind):

It tells the story of an Iraqi translator named Sarah who had been trying to get to the U.S. for eight years. Finally, in 2017, she got a call to go in for an interview for her visa. She was one step away from a verdict that could lead to a new life for her and her two son in America- or could leave them all in jeopardy.

lemongrove Wed 28-Jul-21 14:27:11

Up to around 2016 about one and a half thousand Afghans who had worked with us had been relocated here.
It’s only about 3 months, if that, since the UK has started on this relocation programme again.Surely much vetting has to take place which does take time.I agree that it’s only right that we help them if requested.

M0nica Wed 28-Jul-21 14:34:48

MoorlandMooner best described as there is many a slip between cup and lip.

Read the DM today and you be able to read about all those Afghans who worked for the British and whose applications for assylum have been rejected. Hence the public appeal by the senior officers of the army to the government.

Personally, I would like to see an open door policy to these unfortunate families. If they can show when and where they worked for us and that can be corroborated by the military authorities, then let them in.

M0nica Wed 28-Jul-21 14:37:39

Oh, by the way, just a hint to the Ministry of Nudges somewhere at No 10. It is what every other country involved in Afghanistan is doing, large (USA) and small (Denmark).

I wonder if they respond to nudges the way they expect us to respond to them.

Just off to fire a missive at my MP.

Callistemon Wed 28-Jul-21 14:55:15

Yet another cause for National Shame

Yes, it is a cause for shame.

But this is an international shame as so many countries are involved - the US and all NATO troops involved.

Some countries have taken a few interpreters but most are dragging their heels and this process needs to be expedited urgently.

Callistemon Wed 28-Jul-21 14:56:10

DH has been urging our MP.
We will do so again.

GillT57 Wed 28-Jul-21 15:22:32

Yes I agree, time to email my MP. I live in a constituency with an army base and personnel who were deployed in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

Lincslass Wed 28-Jul-21 16:38:12

Perhaps for a more balanced view,

MaizieD Wed 28-Jul-21 17:42:34

Surely much vetting has to take place which does take time.

They worked for the British in Afghanistan. Don't tell me that the British took on random people with no checks at the time they employed them. They've already been vetted.

I think that's a bit of a non-excuse...

Kali2 Wed 28-Jul-21 17:48:04


lemongrove Wed 28-Jul-21 18:26:09

Depends what they have been doing since then ( if they were no longer translators.) I have no idea about the vetting process but they would have to be damn careful.

Lincslass Wed 28-Jul-21 18:53:16

I read some of them committed crimes which would have resulted in imprisonment in the UK. They were dismissed and have no rights to come to Britain. We have enough criminals already here, don’t need anymore, do we.

M0nica Wed 28-Jul-21 19:30:14

So you would comdemn them to death for a crime, that may be nothing more serious than petty pilfering?

If you make a claim like above we need to know what the crimes are?

Oldbat1 Wed 28-Jul-21 21:51:16

Yes I heard that on Radio 4 this morning.

M0nica Thu 29-Jul-21 07:06:42

I might also add, what proportion of how many translators, have committed these capital crimes. 1%? 10%? 100%?

Lincslass Thu 29-Jul-21 08:03:35


So you would comdemn them to death for a crime, that may be nothing more serious than petty pilfering?

If you make a claim like above we need to know what the crimes are?

Then talk to ministry of defence. From the BBC extract.

Alegrias1 Thu 29-Jul-21 08:56:37

Some of the attitudes in country are becoming an embarrassment to anyone with a hint of human decency.

The "balanced" BBC report showed that people with actual experience of what goes on in the ground are shocked by the MOD's attitude while "the MOD" in their nice comfy offices decide who is going to live or die depending on whether they think they are good chaps or not. Didn't want to clean the toilets? - sorry, you're not the sort we want in this country.

How anyone can defend the MOD's policy in this case is beyond me.