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Boris Johnsons speech at the UN

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User7777 Thu 23-Sep-21 03:40:39

Well I will never think of Kermit the Frog in the same way again. Or being 16.
Boris is wasted in Politics. He would be fantastic at The Fringe, Edinburgh

FannyCornforth Thu 23-Sep-21 05:23:48

I didn’t think that it was a funny speech.
If I didn’t know who he was I would have thought that it was a really good speech.
Johnson was obviously in his element speaking to a new audience.
However, I do know who he is.
His allusions to the Classics are tedious and pretentious.
But more importantly I find it difficult to listen to anything he says as he is a proven liar.

Josianne Thu 23-Sep-21 08:22:50

I don't think he will change his style of speaking now. We are stuck with it.
He does have a certain je ne sais quoi. grin

Lucca Thu 23-Sep-21 08:27:26

Huh. I know quoi……but too polite to say on here.

FannyCornforth Thu 23-Sep-21 08:28:42

Apparently there was hardly anyone in the audience.
It did sound a bit odd that there was no laughter. You could hear him pausing for the laughter in the Kermit bit for example.
It must have been a difficult speech to deliver for this reason.
He does love an audience!

Josianne Thu 23-Sep-21 08:29:58

Just say it Lucca and add "scuse my French!"

ElderlyPerson Thu 23-Sep-21 08:52:44

Thr speech in full, with subtitles available.

MaizieD Thu 23-Sep-21 09:37:22

Johnson's words are never worth the paper they're written on. I can't get excited about yet another of his incoherent rambles. We know he's forgotten all about it by now and it has no bearing at all on what happens next in the UK.

Have we forgotten that actions speak louder than words?

MaizieD Thu 23-Sep-21 09:38:43

However, we can see that it goes down well with those who prefer being entertained to being responsibly governed...

lemongrove Thu 23-Sep-21 09:41:55

This particular speech wasn’t an ‘incoherent ramble’ though
( for a change) it was actually quite a good and sensible one.
I think if you take the speech and separate it from held prejudices about Johnson you will see that.

FannyCornforth Thu 23-Sep-21 09:56:02

I agree with that lemongrove
It was a good speech, and he delivered it well.
I think that he really wants this to be his legacy

vegansrock Thu 23-Sep-21 09:57:23

Well what’s he doing about it? Can he walk the walk?

Whitewavemark2 Thu 23-Sep-21 11:16:31

Think about it.

If he wants COP and tackling climate to be his legacy, what about his actions?

Opening a new oil field in the North Sea.
New deep coal mine in Cumbria
The polluting of our waters
The push towards less regulation

On and on it goes

Smileless2012 Thu 23-Sep-21 11:21:34

I agree lemongrove and Fanny it was a good speech.

Alegrias1 Thu 23-Sep-21 11:34:05

Good speech, well delivered.

If only he was actually doing something about it.

COP26 isn't the turning point, that was Kyoto in 1997. But we can't blame Johnson for that. We can blame him for thinking its OK to open a new oilfield though.

Did he actually say green collar workers? Crikey, he's got a good speech writer. The Kermit bit was a bit cringey, no? Almost as bad as the ancient Greek. I think he expects his audience to get the allusions and when they don't he starts over-explaining.