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Sue Gray report and photos to be released today.

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DiamondLily Wed 25-May-22 05:05:04

Sue Gray will give Johnson the report today, for publication. Photos will also be published.

According to Downing Street, Johnson will make a statement, to the House after PMQ, then meet with the 1922 committee later, and then, finally, a press conference.

"Boris Johnson is bracing for the release of yet more Partygate pictures, this time from Downing Street's official photographers, as Sue Gray prepares to make the findings of her long-awaited report public today.

Mr Johnson is expected to apologise to Parliament, the public and his own MPs over Partygate in a bid to soak up criticism from the official report into the row later today, even with more snaps from No. 10's vanity photographers poised to hit the press.

Deploying a 'masochism strategy', the Prime Minister will 'take responsibility' for lockdown rule-breaking in Downing Street, which is set to be savaged in the much-anticipated report.

In a display of contrition, the PM will then make a statement to Parliament before holding a press conference and then addressing Tory MPs at a meeting of the backbench 1922 Committee."

Esspee Wed 25-May-22 05:50:10

Should we expect him to be dressed in sackcloth and ashes do you think?

BigBertha1 Wed 25-May-22 05:51:48

Apart from public acts of contrition nothing else will happen. Sounds as though the PM runs a thoroughly mucky shop.

vegansrock Wed 25-May-22 06:13:23

He can talk the talk but can he walk the walk…..?

Esspee Wed 25-May-22 06:18:34

Let's look on the bright side. If he doesn't resign the Conservative Party will be annihilated in the next election.

Ladyleftfieldlover Wed 25-May-22 06:18:50

Are Johnson’s apologies really worth anything? We’ve seen him apologise time and again but they meant absolutely nothing.

DiamondLily Wed 25-May-22 06:55:09

One poll suggests that voters aren't too happy about him staying on, if criticised, as expected, in the report.

"Two-thirds (66 per cent) of voters think that Boris Johnson should quit if he is criticised in Sue Gray’s report on the Partygate scandal that has rocked Westminster.

The findings, in an exclusive Savanta poll for The Independent also reveal that more than a quarter of those who backed the Tories in 2019 said they were less likely to do so again if Mr Johnson stays on as leader.

The polling comes on the same day Downing Street insiders described chaotic mid-lockdown parties dubbed “Wine-Time Fridays” where bins would overflow with empty bottles of alcohol and No10 would be left a “mess”.

Speaking to BBC Panorama three individuals described gatherings they felt were condoned by the prime minister as he was “grabbing a glass for himself”.

The current and former staffers said the culture was set by Mr Johnson himself, claiming he “wanted to be liked” and for staff to be able to “let their hair down”.

The damaging details follow the publication of a leaked photograph showing Mr Johnson raising a glass at a leaving drinks event for his former spin doctor at the height of England’s second lockdown."

Meanwhile, and I'm sure a total coincidence, it has suddenly been announced, that, on Thursday, Sunak will unveil a package of measures to help with the cost of living crisis:

Whitewavemark2 Wed 25-May-22 07:33:08

Yes it will be to the Libs and Lab advantage if he stays.

buffyfly9 Wed 25-May-22 07:35:52

Unfortunately this country has a text book narcissist as its leader. Until he is removed by his sycophantic colleagues or a general election he will continue to damage our economy and reputation. He is a pathological liar, lacks empathy, is manipulative and shallow. In short, I really can't stand the man and he needs to go, NOW. !

Esspee Wed 25-May-22 07:41:54

Very well put buffyfly.

buffyfly9 Wed 25-May-22 07:46:33

Thanks Espee, if I said what I really thought my post would be taken down!!

MaizieD Wed 25-May-22 08:08:59


Thanks Espee, if I said what I really thought my post would be taken down!!

No it wouldn't, there would be a huge chorus of agreement. 😀

GrannyGravy13 Wed 25-May-22 08:12:12

As a lifelong Conservative voter, I desperately want him to go as soon as possible.

He needs to be dismissed through a vote of no confidence, leave the post of PM in disgrace, not when he decides…

Iam64 Wed 25-May-22 08:27:29

GrannyG13, do you believe there will be a vote of no confidence?

Johnson as PM presided over a culture of heavy drinking, one in which the normal rules didn’t apply. That mirrors the way he’s lived his working and private life. He is impulsive, doesn’t do detail, doesn’t care, lacks empathy, is self indulgent and expects to have his needs met, instant gratification at his core. He’s shameless and his apologies are meaningless.

I live in hope that enough decent tories are ashamed and a vote of no confidence is called and wins. I don’t expect it to happen though. One of those occasions when I hope I’m wrong

Whitewavemark2 Wed 25-May-22 08:30:15

Any Tory staying silent is complicate imo which means a lot are willing to support him and so are pretty low in the integrity stakes.

GrannyGravy13 Wed 25-May-22 08:55:31

Iam64 I didn’t catch all of the Panarama programme last night, I live in hope that now the staffers in Downing Street are telling their stories, that decent MPs will read the room and do the correct thing.

Removing Mr,Johnson is the only way for the decent Conservative MP’s to have any chance of being re-elected, I think the penny is finally dropping.

DaisyAnne Wed 25-May-22 09:13:33

I have reached my own conclusions about what was done, why it is important and how I feel about it. I expect most of us have. I do have two questions left, however.

Who paid for the legal help that appears was available to some?

Why was legal help not available to all?

Urmstongran Wed 25-May-22 09:17:08

I think the sharks are circling. They scent blood in the water now.

Boris will be ousted soon I think. The 1922 Committee will be very aware of self preservation for the Tory party. If he stays they’ll get annihilated in the next GE. Many Tory backbenchers want to hang onto their parliamentary seats and they know they only way they can do this is with a new leader.

I just wish it could be David Frost. But that’s unlikely I think.

Whitewavemark2 Wed 25-May-22 09:18:02

Hard copies arrived in Downing Street.

Whitewavemark2 Wed 25-May-22 09:27:48

Remember today when you watch Johnson’s statement in parliament, that he never ever apologises because he wants to.

Johnson only ever apologises because he is forced to do so to save his skin.

None of it is real or sincere.

Urmstongran Wed 25-May-22 09:27:55

Here we go ...

DiamondLily Wed 25-May-22 09:36:49

Last time, he apologised, appeared to be contrite, and then went into the Commons tea room, laughing about what a load of rubbish it all was.🙄

A false apology is meaningless.

Hopefully, the decent Tory MPs, and there are some, will understand that a lying conman, which is he is, will drag party and country down.🙁

Petera Wed 25-May-22 09:43:12

Urmstongran I just wish it could be David Frost.

David Frost the 2016 remainer or 2020 brexiter?

Urmstongran Wed 25-May-22 09:47:30

Simon Case, the Cabinet Secretary, will not be resigning over the Sue Gray report, he has made clear to Downing Street this morning, The Telegraph understands.

Lovetopaint037 Wed 25-May-22 09:48:54

We have waited so long for the Sue Gray report that I hardly dare think it is going to be a full, warts and all disclosure. The police appear to have done an incomplete job and the idea that we will never ever get rid of the biggest, most incompetent, idiotic, chaotic, lying bounder to have ever been allowed near 10 Downing Street is depressing and worrying to such an extent that if I hear supporters talk about “the best vaccination role out (thank goodness for that woman who was in charge of it) or it was “only a piece of cake”I shall blow my top. That was a very long sentence and if read allowed you would need to hold your breath for almost as long as it will take Johnson to resign.