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Do you get your news from different sources these days?

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DaisyAnne Sat 28-May-22 10:16:20

I do and will probably continue to do so more having heard about the "subsidies" that went to various newspapers.

This link is to one I like to watch, especially their "Friday Night with ByLine Times" There are some interesting discussions, especially, I thought, the one with Esther Krakue, so do try and watch it all the way through.

... and then tell us/share where you get your news.

Happygirl79 Sat 28-May-22 10:48:17

I read all UK newspapers via the press reader app daily. By doing so I hope that I can take a balanced view of the world we live in

DaisyAnne Sat 28-May-22 11:51:58

Do you use any of the less traditional sources Happygirl, online only newspapers for example?

Happygirl79 Sat 28-May-22 11:58:29

They are all read online daisy Anne.

Happygirl79 Sat 28-May-22 11:59:33

If you are a member of the library you can read all periodicals online for free via the press reader app using your library card number

Happygirl79 Sat 28-May-22 12:02:58

You can select which newspapers you want downloaded automatically each day

DaisyAnne Sat 28-May-22 12:34:49


If you are a member of the library you can read all periodicals online for free via the press reader app using your library card number

I saw someone mention the online access to the library the other day. I will check it out.

Have you watched the link I put up? This is the sort of online content I am talking about - that and those with their own Youtube channels. I know all the papers are now online but I was intrigued to find what new and less generalised sources anothers are using.

Rameses Sat 28-May-22 13:48:30

I also read Byline Times. They look at the news in some depth and tend to stick to facts. I have completely given up on traditional media sources as they all tend to have their own agenda nowadays.

Happygirl79 Sat 28-May-22 16:24:03

Hi @DaisyAnne. Yes I did watch it. Its nice to hear people with different views discuss politics in a grown up fashion, respecting others views even though perhaps they don't agree with them. Unlike our parliament where as they say its more 'panto politics'
Thank you for posting the link

paddyann54 Sat 28-May-22 21:17:00

Dont buy newspapers or watch/listen to the BBC .Channel 4 and 5 are quite good and I used to watch Russia Today and Al jazeera who give the truth about so many things that the BBC spin to suit the government.
The BBC is in my and most folk I know's opinion a clone of Pravda at its finest /worst .
It distorts things beyond recognition .There are over 70'000 homes that have withheld their license in protest in Scotland

OakDryad Sat 28-May-22 21:38:05

The Guardian is my paper of choice but I also try to read the key news items as covered by the Independent and Telegraph to get a balanced view.

TV news I toggle between BBC News 24, Sky and Channel 4.

Publications that I either buy or read online include Private Eye, New Statesman, This Week, Newsweek, New Scientist, The Critic and Podcast. I like Byline too especially Jonathan Lis and Adam Bienkov.

I also enjoy the Intelligence Squared discussions and debates. If you’d enjoy the sport, watch Boris Johnson being taken down by Mary Beard in their Greece v Rome debate six years ago on YouTube. Chaired by Andrew Marr.

DaisyAnne Sat 28-May-22 22:54:20

I think I was quite late to realise people were setting up News Channels online. I came to them when I realised I could "subscribe" (no charge it just saves the videos altogether) to various sewing "channels" and then spotted some of the "news" ones. Some are not my cup of tea smile so I didn't stay with them.

I don't buy paper papers these days but go online to read them - I must look at the local library facility. I do get the Economist as a present each year (and worry about the trees).

With more television channels being streamed, I think the little independent news channels will become better known.

timetogo2016 Tue 31-May-22 11:00:07

On-line papers, Google and upday.