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Esspee Sat 25-Jun-22 15:59:54

Apparently Johnson was planning to build a £150,000 tree house at Chequers - paid for by a Tory donor - but was forced to abandon the idea after the police raised security concerns.

My first thought was how long does he think he will have the use of Chequers for? Then what would the Tory donor expect to receive for this generosity?

What are your thoughts?

annsixty Sat 25-Jun-22 16:13:30

I thought exactly the same.
Many people would like that towards a house for themselves.
No such thing as a free lunch.
I think they are a pair of scroungers, didn’t he sell his London flat for a huge amount of money.
It was reported that it was only turned down on security issues, not because it was a very bad idea.

CaravanSerai Sat 25-Jun-22 16:21:26

This is David Brownlow again and his company Huntswood, isn't it? Another cash-for-access story and the whole issue of whether firms who donate to the Tory party or fund members' lifestyles should be restricted from winning public sector contracts, or whether there should be a more robust, public system for recording the potential conflicts of interests that arise in the awarding of Government contracts.

I'd like to know who donated £120K last week at the V&A party to have dinner with Johnson, May and Cameron. Like that's ever going to happen. So what do they want for the money?

Doodledog Sat 25-Jun-22 16:33:48

I would absolutely love a tree house grin. That, a moat and a pier jutting into the sea all feature in the hypothetical (and highly improbable) house I plan to buy when I get round to buying a ticket and win the Euromillions.

I will wait until my luck changes and I can buy it myself though - it's not the sort of thing anyone should expect other people to pay for, is it?

I get that Chequers is meant for relaxation, but a nice little caravan with a river view would do the trick for that (grin). Ok - maybe a cottage, so that the security officer could come along too, with spare rooms for a visiting dignitary or two. It doesn't have to be Downton Abbey, does it? Doesn't the PM know that there's a recession looming?

varian Sat 25-Jun-22 17:10:21

You couldn't possibly make it up, could you?

Whitewavemark2 Sat 25-Jun-22 17:11:30

Remind me - didn’t Johnson initially refuse free school meals to poor children?

Oldbat1 Sat 25-Jun-22 17:21:23

Omg it is getting worse! Someone somewhere please get rid of this leech.

Forsythia Sat 25-Jun-22 17:30:16

£150,000 for a treehouse is an obscene amount regardless of who is paying.

MrsPickle Sat 25-Jun-22 17:47:28

We built a summerhouse and decking next to our steam. Cost less than £1000.
Will sell, if forced, to the right buyer, for only £150000.
Very private, excellent solar panel, Comms, south facing.
Unfortunately, no fridge.
PS could he climb into a tree house?

merlotgran Sat 25-Jun-22 17:47:57

I didn’t look at the OP properly to begin with and thought, 150 quid? What’s the big deal?

Then I took a closer look at the noughts.

I agree it’s obscene.

buffyfly9 Sat 25-Jun-22 19:05:47

Are we surprised? Think of the £850 rolls of wallpaper, the Lulu Guinness furnishings and God knows what else. I think he is mentally ill but still able to function, nobody in their right mind could possibly endure the criticism aimed at him from all quarters. I think the earlier comment about refusing children free school meals is spot on. They are both a freeloading pair of narcissists and I cannot wait to see the back of him.

Zonne Sat 25-Jun-22 21:07:43

The child was six months old at the time. I think Johnson has shown, with his daft comments about bedtime books, that he has very little knowledge about his children, but even he isn’t stupid enough to think a six month old needs a treehouse.

It’s quite blatantly Johnson flogging favours. Despicable, but not even remotely surprising.

Callistemon21 Sat 25-Jun-22 21:10:40

The child was six months old at the time
Oh! I thought it was for him. My mistake.

DH made one for our DC, probably cost a few pounds.

Iam64 Sat 25-Jun-22 21:12:20

Zonne ‘Despicable, but not even remotely surprising’.

This could become the response to every disgusting story about Johnson. What has to happen for the decent tories to get rid of him.
Are there any decent tories left?

Ali08 Sun 26-Jun-22 03:44:44

£150,000 TREE house? WTAF?
Would it be made of gold?
That makes me think of donald trumps places - EURGH!!
Surely he has his own property somewhere where he could erect a tree house, or Wendy house if no trees, but I'm damned sure he wouldn't pay £150,000 out of his own pocket to do so!!!

Ali08 Sun 26-Jun-22 03:46:42


We built a summerhouse and decking next to our steam. Cost less than £1000.
Will sell, if forced, to the right buyer, for only £150000.
Very private, excellent solar panel, Comms, south facing.
Unfortunately, no fridge.
PS could he climb into a tree house?

Hehehe. That's funny. ??

Whitewavemark2 Sun 26-Jun-22 04:43:13

It occurred to me when reading about this. How long does Johnson think he will be living in Chequers?

I see more Tory MPs have put letters in demanding another vote.

Whitewavemark2 Sun 26-Jun-22 04:54:46

James O’Brian also reminded us that at the time Johnson was was trying to get someone to pay for a tree house, he insisted on 4 extra servants in Chequers.

Curtesy of the tax payer.

buffyfly9 Sun 26-Jun-22 07:51:38

Johnson is showing all the signs of a "bunker" mentality, we as a country are in a dark and dangerous place and being led there by a deeply flawed individual with no moral compass. He is propped up by a spineless front bench composed of talentless mediocraties clinging on to their ministerial cars and other taxpayer subsidies. He must go and the sooner the better. It just depends whether the self interest of his backbenchers trumps the courage needed to oust this dangerous man.

CvD66 Sun 26-Jun-22 10:44:07

The man has really lost it! In a country where parents are deciding whether to eat or hear, he has these delusional ideas. When oh when will the Tory/Boris loving public recognise how they are being conned by this buffoon. He intends to keep putting out stupid ideas to cover up his idiotic non performance ( and please don’t mention vaccines - he did nothing!) What with Partygate, Carriegate and now Treehousegate - the man loves winding us all up.

maddyone Sun 26-Jun-22 10:50:05

Apart from anything else why on earth would a treehouse cost £150,000?

maddyone Sun 26-Jun-22 10:50:32

What’s wrong with a little playhouse in the garden?

Doodledog Sun 26-Jun-22 11:00:17


What’s wrong with a little playhouse in the garden?

My two had years of fun in this one. It didn't cost £150k.

Callistemon21 Sun 26-Jun-22 11:45:24

Oh yes, my DGD had one - someone gave it to them, secondhand!
They had hours of fun with it!

Wilfred's only 2, the other one is a baby, isn't that a bit young for a house up a tree? Or was Boris thinking of revamping to it himself, away from the world?

Yammy Sun 26-Jun-22 11:52:52

My two just used a cleaned-out garden shed with grans old carpet and a few pieces of furniture. All the neighbour's children played in it and they used their imagination with old boxes etc. to make a cooker and the like.
The pirate house in a tree down the street was abandoned after a play there as they could not push their doll's prams around.