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Ugandan MPs pass bill imposing death penalty for homosexuality

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Blossoming Wed 22-Mar-23 11:21:37

This is a horrible regressive step. I hope the president vetoes it, but his views are known to be anti homosexuality.

timetogo2016 Wed 22-Mar-23 11:58:50

That is the worst thing i have ever read.
How barbaric.
He needs sorting out by his own President and Mp`s.

Iam64 Wed 22-Mar-23 12:58:36

It is barbaric but I won’t be surprised if it’s passed

rafichagran Wed 22-Mar-23 13:16:25

Horrible, what backward thinking and so barbaric.

pascal30 Wed 22-Mar-23 13:30:45

This is so shocking and wrong... I wonder if any sanctions can be applied from other more enlightened countries

MaizieD Wed 22-Mar-23 13:40:26

I was horror struck to see this in my paper this morning. It's barbaric.

What will the International community do, I wonder?

TerriBull Wed 22-Mar-23 14:03:30

Just awful and unbelievably regressive, on a par with The Middle Ages sad

MissChateline Wed 22-Mar-23 14:04:05

This is totally barbaric and Sadly yet another country which I never be able to visit with my female partner for a holiday without the fear of being arrested and the possibility of a death sentence. It used to be any country which ended in “Stan” but now it appears that much of Africa is out of bounds.

Beckett Wed 22-Mar-23 14:24:30

It is hard to believe there is such a mindset in this day and age. What right has any government or state to dictate to anyone who they can love

Galaxy Wed 22-Mar-23 14:31:18

Call me cynical MaizieD but I doubt the international community will do anything, but I hope I am wrong.

MaizieD Wed 22-Mar-23 14:46:02


Call me cynical MaizieD but I doubt the international community will do anything, but I hope I am wrong.

I regret to say that I think you're right.

Wyllow3 Wed 22-Mar-23 14:50:30

Looks like its only OK for sure in 5 African countries, but there are caveats in one:

I hope its taken up by the Pan African conger, but not holding my breath. Its interesting also that for some countries it meant changing colonial times anti-gay laws yes folks it was an empire idea first...

Wyllow3 Wed 22-Mar-23 14:50:40


Freya5 Wed 22-Mar-23 17:18:33

Yes it was, but they have been Independant since 1960, plenty of time to get rid of such discriminatory laws . They choose not too.
Hopefully the next generation may turn the tide.

Iam64 Wed 22-Mar-23 19:24:56

These regressive oppressive belief systems are influencing the Church of England because many African bishops see homosexuality as an aberration, goodness knows their views on trans/lesbian etc.
In view of historical links, we can expect an increase in asylum seekers from Uganda . Good luck to them

Wyllow3 Wed 22-Mar-23 23:42:34

This is true and I find it very difficult to understand or accept.

Grantanow Thu 23-Mar-23 00:10:16

That's democracy at work!

Wyllow3 Thu 23-Mar-23 01:05:04

I meant difficult to accept as someone who believes faith should be compassion.

Baggs Thu 23-Mar-23 09:03:54

many African bishops see homosexuality as an aberration

Biologically, it is an aberration. That doesn't mean we shouldn't tolerate it. After all there are a gazillion biological aberrations that no-one fusses about.

On the level of religious beliefs, we shouldn't be surprised at this happening in a conservatively Christian country. What happened to respecting other people's beliefs that we disagree with, which many on GN have argued for and expressed annoyance at my arguing that is is the people holding views we disagree with that we should respect, not the views themselves.

Which brings me to my next point, which is, in the current climate of 'decolonisation' of history and associated fashionable blah blah, isn't it a bit colonialist to be expressing outrage about a decision made in a now democratic former colony of Britain? This is a serious question. Who are we to want to our values to be imposed on another country?

All of the above does not change my own view that gay people should not be killed for living their lives as they wish. I'm just a bit surprised by the outrage expressed on here.

Iam64 Thu 23-Mar-23 09:09:46

Bags, are you suggesting I shouldn’t express outrage about gay men being thrown from buildings, 8 year old girls being subjected to FGM, because this is happening outside of the UK. (Yes I’m aware fgm is practised in secret in this country but illegally) and

Baggs Thu 23-Mar-23 09:11:35

No, iam. Just that this thread seems a bit clickbaity.

Doesn't go without saying that most people in more secular countries find such practices shocking and always have?

Baggs Thu 23-Mar-23 09:12:09

Doesn't it...

Baggs Thu 23-Mar-23 09:42:45

This is an interesting explanation about sexual inclinations and behaviour. The author is explaining why some interpretations of scripture about homosexual behaviour could have been and still are being wrongly interpreted. It is not making excuses, just trying to understand why attitudes are as they are in places like Uganda.

GrannyGravy13 Thu 23-Mar-23 10:00:38

Many scriptures are taken out of context, including the Bible and Koran.

I cannot understand how it must feel to know that you risk being murdered by your Government because of who you are and who you love.

Interfering in independent countries is the cause of many wars.

Smileless2012 Thu 23-Mar-23 11:12:21

Leviticus in the Old Testament as well as saying that a man who has sexual relations with another man should be put to death, also says this should happen to men who commit adultery with another man's wife, with his father's wife, with his d.i.l. and with an animal.

Anyone who curses their mother or father should also be put to death. Are all of these also punishable by death in Uganda or is it just homosexuality?