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NanKate Fri 14-Apr-23 13:59:23

This brave man is being slowly poisoned ‘it is reported’ in an inhuman cell, with little lighting, for standing up to that brute Putin. I know there is nothing we can do to save him but I feel anyone who is able to should in some way advertise his plight.

His parents who were about to visit him recently were stopped at the last minute and his wife and daughter haven’t been allowed to visit either.

Putin’s and his henchmen say it is nothing to do with them, it’s up to the prison.

For anyone who is a believer please pray 🙏 for him and others please just keep him in your mind.

I just hope his suffering ends soon. 💐

NotSpaghetti Fri 28-Apr-23 13:38:36

Everyone who says anything against Putin and his murderous regime is vulnerable.

This family is beyond brave.
It is impossible to see what is happening through western eyes and not feel afraid for Navalny.

Aveline Fri 28-Apr-23 14:03:34

It's hard to believe how bad things are in Russia. Putin is like the bad guy in every James Bond film and what's happening to Navalny (and others) is just so wrong. The Russian moral compass is badly askew.

NanKate Fri 28-Apr-23 15:19:38

Thank you both for your comments. I want to do everything I can ‘in my small way’ to keep the name of Alexis N in the public eye.

He is in one tiny cell just left there to rot, it is inhuman and anytime I feel like moaning I think we’ll at least I am well nourished and can contact my family at any time. I just home he is released in my lifetime, but I doubt it.

Putin is beyond evil.

NanKate Fri 28-Apr-23 15:20:17

Hope not home !

Greenfinch Fri 28-Apr-23 15:34:59

Thanks NanKate for bringing him to our attention. I knew of him of course but felt I needed to read a bit more. What a role model to put his principles and convictions above his own personal safety and comfort. I was thinking that he was almost a saint really and then I read that ,although formerly an atheist, he is now a member of the Russian Orthodox Church. I hope his faith gives him some comfort and also some comfort to his wife and two children.

NanKate Fri 28-Apr-23 16:58:32

Thanks Greenfinch good to hear from you.

Thanks for the support. 👍

His parents as well as his family must be so upset knowing he is being starved and it has been said slowly poisoned, not enough to kill him but enough make him ill. He has lost 2 or 3 stone whilst being incarcerated.

It’s a pity that the drone that was sent to kill Putin missed. I feel bad saying this but I mean it.

Callistemon21 Fri 28-Apr-23 17:06:39

Thank you NanKate for starting this thread about Alexei Navalny's plight.

A brave man and we can only hope that thousands of right-minded Russians might stand up and fight for what is right.
Sadly, so many have been brainwashed by Putin's propaganda.

Greenfinch Fri 28-Apr-23 17:17:32

Yes, and have become incapacitated with fear.

Callistemon21 Fri 28-Apr-23 17:19:46


Yes, and have become incapacitated with fear.


Don't feel bad for your thought, NanKate
Think of the thousands who might have been saved and may be saved.

MerylStreep Fri 28-Apr-23 17:26:01

If you have prime this film is very good.

Chocolatelovinggran Sat 29-Apr-23 07:44:46

Yes thank you for raising this brave man's terrible plight. The one thing that Putin and his henchmen don't like is the oxygen of publicity being given to their crimes. Let's publish it loud and proud.

NanKate Sat 29-Apr-23 08:29:02

Thanks for all the support 👍 The more Alexie’s plight is put ‘out there’ the less chance he is forgotten, as he is mentally tortured by Putin and his cruel followers.

silverlining48 Sat 29-Apr-23 08:45:17

It’s a brave man who speaks out against Putin as it was in Germany against Hitler. Dictators brook no dissent
and I add my support to these courageous people.

NanKate Sat 29-Apr-23 16:42:33

Thank you silverlinig.

I read that in Germany his supporters have erected a cell just like the one AN is incarcerated in, outside the Russian Embassy. 🎾

Let’s get the ball rolling and try and make this thread continue for as long as possible.

NanKate Sat 29-Apr-23 16:44:27

NanKate Sat 29-Apr-23 16:45:16

Here’s a photo of his brother inside the replica cell.

Callistemon21 Sat 29-Apr-23 16:49:46

Thank you * NanKate*

Russia is still a member of the UN Security Council and in fact took its turn at presidency this year.

What, if anything, are they doing about Alexei Navalny?
Or, indeed, what is any organisation or government doing?
Do you know?

NanKate Sat 29-Apr-23 18:34:46

I’m not an expert Callistemon21 and don’t know what the UN Security Council are doing. What I do know is that he won the European Parliament Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought in 2021.

In 2020 he was poisoned with the nerve agent Novichok. A documentary was made about it and it gained an Oscar this year.

Putin says he can’t do anything, it is the responsibility of the Prison. He never takes responsibility for anything, it is always some else’s fault.

The reason I am doing all I can to raise awareness of AN is that he could be my son and I would be eternally grateful to anyone who would support my son in similar circumstances.

NanKate Sun 04-Jun-23 08:13:50

It’s Alexie Navalny’s 47th birthday today. He is STILL in solitary confinement, all because of Putin’s hatred of AN’s bid for a democratic Russia.

I hope I see his release in my lifetime, but I doubt it.

His poor family must be in despair.

Sparklefizz Sun 04-Jun-23 08:29:16

NanKate I feel so sorry for this poor man and his family. People who disagree with Putin seem to fall out of windows or have sudden strokes.... it really is like something out of a James Bond film.

Your post has made me determined to learn more, and I'll look at the links on this thread. Thank you for drawing our attention to his plight. The courage of this man - and others in similar situations - is unbelievable.

Greenfinch Sun 04-Jun-23 08:29:37

The same age as my younger son NanKate. In the prime of life and so sad. He and his family must be in total despair. Thank you for reminding us about this desperate situation.

NanKate Sun 04-Jun-23 16:02:00

Thank you Sparklefizz and Greenfinch for your support.

Navalny stood up to Putin, madness or braveness, I don’t know. His parents are about our age and have been refused visiting rights. Can you imagine that? His wife and daughter do all they can to keep him in the news. What worries me is that when that tyrant Putin is removed, he is likely to be followed by another tyrant.

Navalny is one of many who have been wrongly imprisoned. All I can do is keep him in the forefront of Gransnet. His plight has really saddened me.

I read somewhere this week that he has asked the authorities for I think it was a kangaroo for his birthday, or something, similar to keep him company in his solitary confinement! He still has a sense of humour.

Greenfinch Sun 04-Jun-23 17:09:48

I read that too NanKate and something about a May beetle as well. I didn’t know his parents were not allowed to visit. How absolutely dreadful!

MadeInYorkshire Sun 04-Jun-23 17:17:28


Everyone who says anything against Putin and his murderous regime is vulnerable.

This family is beyond brave.
It is impossible to see what is happening through western eyes and not feel afraid for Navalny.

Similar to what's happening to the disabled in the UK really, after care charges a lot of the most vulnerable are not being left with enough money to live on or pay their bills.

Poor man, he is very brave ...