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Please sign Prue Leith's petition on Assisted Dying

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GrandmaKT Thu 25-May-23 19:40:31

Some of you will have seen the TV programme that Prue Leith and her son made earlier this year, looking at the pros and cons of assisted dying.
Prue has written a letter to call on party leaders for a national debate on assisted dying. Here is the link if you would like to sign it:

Redhead56 Thu 25-May-23 19:44:53

I have signed wholeheartedly agree with the campaign.

boheminan Thu 25-May-23 20:07:10

Fully support this campaign. Signed.

Smileless2012 Thu 25-May-23 20:22:15

Thanks for the link GrandmaKT signed and shared.

Thoro Thu 25-May-23 20:25:21


Jaxjacky Thu 25-May-23 20:31:09

I support this and have signed.

dustyangel Thu 25-May-23 20:37:31


Dinahmo Thu 25-May-23 21:33:20


Sorchame Thu 25-May-23 21:41:45


LisaAN Thu 25-May-23 21:54:29

Signed and shared

silverlining48 Thu 25-May-23 22:01:06

Signed and shared too

biglouis Thu 25-May-23 22:10:32


VioletSky Thu 25-May-23 22:13:21

Will do, people deserve this dignity

Starof1972 Thu 25-May-23 22:18:48

Gladly signed

Hithere Fri 26-May-23 00:39:33

Cannot sign as i lack a uk zip code but fully support it

Sara1954 Fri 26-May-23 06:14:19


fancythat Fri 26-May-23 06:38:12

I dont agree with it. So no. My reasons are bog standard.

Greyduster Fri 26-May-23 06:47:56


spottybook Fri 26-May-23 06:54:25

All done.

NannyJan53 Fri 26-May-23 06:56:44


Sparklefizz Fri 26-May-23 09:09:43


Sar53 Fri 26-May-23 09:17:38


pascal30 Fri 26-May-23 09:19:26


annodomini Fri 26-May-23 09:40:17

Agree wholeheartedly. Signed.

Galaxy Fri 26-May-23 09:42:29

No I havent signed. My concerns are around the vulnerable in society, if you look at what happened to people with learning disabilities in the pandemic for example, I am worried for the implications for groups who are frequently treated as lesser within a medical setting.