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My husband's 80th birthday!

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jellybeanjean Sat 07-Jul-18 16:49:37

Roger will be 80 at the end of this month and I'm stuck as to what to buy him. He's in a wheelchair so any sort of activity themed gift is really out of the question, although I know he'd love a flight in a vintage plane. I'm trying to get a print of a favourite painting of his, but sadly it won't be ready in time. I need some inspiration!

Oopsadaisy53 Sat 07-Jul-18 17:00:57

DVDs of favourite films, books, an iPad, tokens for music.

A book filled with photographs, all done online.

I’ll go away and have some more thinks......

MawBroon Sat 07-Jul-18 17:02:01

A day out at an air museum or air show?

Oopsadaisy53 Sat 07-Jul-18 17:02:52

Binoculars, magazine subscriptions,

Wine, a newspaper printed on the day of his birth

stella1949 Sat 07-Jul-18 17:09:10

My husband will be 80 in October. I'm getting him a life membership for his favorite football team.

kittylester Sat 07-Jul-18 17:24:38

DH's brother had a flight in a glider which he loved and my eldest son (who was in a wheelchair at time) really enjoyed a helicopter flight. Or the weightless thing where you can go in a sort of upright wind tunnel. Maw's DGS did it, my son has done it and, recently, a woman of 103 did it. Unfortunately, I can't remember what it's called.

ninathenana Sat 07-Jul-18 18:07:01

I don't know if it is disabled friendly but my friends husband recently had a trip up in a WW2 plane and was allowd to take the controls. This was at Duxford through Virgin days out I think.

Melanieeastanglia Sat 07-Jul-18 18:18:11

Would be enjoy a trip to the Theatre? A boat trip perhaps?

Melanieeastanglia Sat 07-Jul-18 18:18:41

Sorry, meant "he" for second word of last post.

Daddima Sat 07-Jul-18 19:19:47

I’d enquire whether or not a flight of some kind could be possible.
My friend’s husband was 70 recently, and he always looked for the Emirates plane as it went over their house. She wrote to them explaining it was his birthday, and they invited him for a tour of the flight deck and plane, and supplied a glass of bubbly.

jellybeanjean Sun 08-Jul-18 09:21:52

Great ideas, thank you all. I did enquire about a spitfire flight but would need to take out a mortgage to pay for it. And I don't think he would be able to get into the cockpit anyway. I think visiting an air museum is a plan!

LJP1 Mon 09-Jul-18 10:03:41

Look for a local printer who does T shirts / mugs etc. and get one with the print on it. We pay £15 for a T shirt from our emailed picture or £5 per mug.
Good luck.

eGJ Mon 09-Jul-18 11:37:03

A recent 80th birthday present was a Wentworth personalised jigsaw. They used a special photograph we gave them and the secret letters Happy 80th Birthday and cake and candle whimsies. Here's the link if it would suit. It has gone down VERY well!

roo163 Mon 09-Jul-18 11:47:36

We, as a family, clubbed together and bought a flight along side a spitfire. A smallish RAF vintage passenger plane took a dozen or so up for a flight with a spitfire flying along side. This may be an option for your husband. This was from Headcorn in Kent but may well be available elsewhere.

Fennel Mon 09-Jul-18 11:56:37

Would your husband appreciate a surprise party, with relatives and old friends?
My best friend in France had her 80th last week. (To my shame, I forgot her birthday - just sent her a nice card.blush).
She rang me yesterday to say that her husband had secretly arranged a party and invited all their old and new friends. At a neighbour's house. She was thrilled to bits.

TheMaggiejane1 Mon 09-Jul-18 13:56:54

A Kindle. I never thought I’d want one as I love books but I love mine, it’s so convenient and easy to use.

GillyEB Mon 09-Jul-18 14:41:55

My husband made the most wonderful 60th present for me.He went through all our photographs,some I had,not seen since very young.He begged and printed ones that wer,nt very good.The book was like the red ‘this is your life’ book.I bet your husband would spend lots of happy times looking through the book,as I do.Lovely memories.

Rufus2 Tue 10-Jul-18 05:20:50

Wine, a newspaper printed on the day of his birth

Oops; Hope you don't mind the diminutive, (some people I know do object)? wink
Where was I? Oh yes! A newspaper printed on the day after his birthday would be far more interesting. The "Births" column would list names of babies born on his day and then using Google, or similar. he could compare how they "turned out" and see if any famous people share his birthday.
He could then send them a Card and possibly score an invitation to their party (non virtual!), at their castle, or vice-versa.
Nothing ventured etc.! grin
How about it.? Please let us know how it goes.

jellybeanjean Tue 10-Jul-18 09:23:46

Such lovely replies and excellent ideas; thank you! I've bought two tickets for the shuttleworth collection and booked us into a nearby hotel for a couple of nights. Added bonus is that where we're based is close to one of his old school friends so
we can meet and catch up, and, as it's just after my daughter's wedding in London, we'll be more than halfway there! 😊

poliq Fri 13-Jul-18 17:02:55

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crabby12 Wed 12-Sep-18 16:43:02

You are the best wife ever. God bless your family

bravy86 Wed 12-Sep-18 16:46:57

14th, May, 2018. It was my wife`s birthday, the most special day of her life. I knew I had to come up with something unique to make her speechless. I had been planning for her birthday since a long time. And here it is, you wont believe me but I gathered all her relatives and made a party with cool scrum magnets by She was laughing as never before in her life!!

KallyFowler54 Thu 13-Sep-18 07:59:08

impress him by smiling and sining his favourite song all dau long

SusanBetts Wed 03-Oct-18 18:33:30

My husband loves playing cards since he's always at home.
Since the occasion is extra special, I thought I should find him a unique playing card that he can use and at the same time has a sentimental value. And so, I bought him a deck of cards dipped in GOLD! smile You may find gifts like that on this site:

I hope this helps! Good luck!