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Missing Keys

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Marieeliz Sat 08-Sep-18 13:20:23

A few weeks ago, when it was hot and sunny, I went out via the rear doors, two as I have an inner and outer door, and walked up to my friends to collect my dog. She had been minding him. When I got back the keys to the door were not in my pocket so I had to go around the front and let myself in that way, luckily I have a secret hiding place for those keys.

I tracked back the same route over a couple of days but no keys.

Yesterday, in my raincoat, now it is raining, I found the key ring, a very strong one plus tag in my raincoat pocket. No keys. Nothing wrong with the tag or key ring. It would be really hard to get the keys off the ring as I struggle to get them on.

I had a summer pair of cut off's on the day I lost them with pockets. Naturally I have checked all the pockets. Strange to find the key ring and tag in a raincoat which I have'nt used until this week!

Greenfinch Sat 08-Sep-18 14:14:13

Spooky !😏

grandtanteJE65 Thu 13-Sep-18 15:47:56

I've lost my measuring tape! I last used it to check the width of our bed before going shopping as I intended to (and did) buy a new fitted sheet.

I have checked all pockets of the clothes I had on that day, although I am positive I did not take the tape measure with me, tidied up around, behind, under, in front of and near the sewing machine (the sentence can be used as an exercise in which prepositions take which case in German if anyone is interested) and I have found a quantity of useful things, but not my tape measure.

I know a tape measure is not expensive, but I liked that one.

So perhaps Marieeliz I should hunt for your keys and you look for my tape measure?

On a more serious note, perhaps you should considered changing your locks?

rubysong Thu 13-Sep-18 19:17:05

I'm still searching for my phone, which I haven't seen for several weeks. No point ringing it as it will be flat battery now and I can't remember when I last had it. We hardly ever use them and I assumed it was in my bag, but it wasn't. It is a very old, non smart, phone DS1 cast off but it has lots of numbers stored. I think I'll have to replace it. How frustrating when we lose things and spend ages searching.

midgey Thu 13-Sep-18 19:58:33

I am with Grandetante, I might be changing the locks!

Jane10 Thu 13-Sep-18 20:33:42

I lost my diary this week. Its driving me nuts! I'm not the sort of person who loses things. Grrrrr.