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Ladies and Gentlemen its time to take your seats

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Dottynan Wed 06-Nov-19 09:02:45

We should not be defined by our gender when visiting a theatre therefore the Ladies and Gentlemen title is being dropped.

Cherrytree59 Wed 06-Nov-19 09:09:38

XX and XY please take your seats??? hmm

Missfoodlove Wed 06-Nov-19 09:16:01


Fiachna50 Wed 06-Nov-19 09:41:00

What is the problem with that phrase? I don't care what anyone's gender is, but that's just daft. A phrase thats been used for centuries within theatre settings.

GrannyGravy13 Wed 06-Nov-19 09:53:44

Absolutely ridiculous!!!!

Newquay Wed 06-Nov-19 09:59:38

I don’t care what anyone says-you’re either one or t’other!!

henetha Wed 06-Nov-19 10:06:21

What a load of old codswallop.

grapefruitpip Wed 06-Nov-19 10:09:05

Old codswallop will you you take your seats?

Well , I suppose it could work?

Gonegirl Wed 06-Nov-19 10:09:08

What are they going to say now? "Audience, please take your seats"? "You lot, please take your seats"?

Oopsminty Wed 06-Nov-19 10:10:16

'Oi! Sit down!

SueDonim Wed 06-Nov-19 12:30:07

At an official function I attended last year the proceedings started with 'Men and women, welcome to blah blah blah.' Not only did I slide down the social classes, I was now also second in line to men! confused

MamaCaz Wed 06-Nov-19 12:34:47

Well I ain't no lady, and OH ain't no gentleman, so I don't care if they drop it! grin

grapefruitpip Wed 06-Nov-19 12:39:46

What are you Mama? wink

Elegran Wed 06-Nov-19 12:57:58

"My lords, ladies and gentlemen, officers and their ladies, NCOs and their wives, other ranks and their women, please take your seats.
Transwomen, transmen, bisexuals, gender neutrals, binary, non-binary, celibates, please be seated.
Swingers, doggers, sex workers, call-girls, call-boys, call-people, courtesans, prostitutes, part-time prozzies, cheap whores, enthusiastic amateurs, siddown.
Under-age juveniles, over-age geriatrics, post-menopausal old biddies, pre-pubertal Lolitas, frigid virg - . . . excuse me a moment, I see the stage manager beckoning me urgently . . . Ah! he says for Christ's sake SIT DOWN ALL OF YOU or we'll be here all night!"

ElaineI Wed 06-Nov-19 13:04:06

It is a bit old fashioned. Maybe "could everyone sit down please?" Actually shouldn't have to tell people to sit down in a theatre. Should tell people to switch off mobiles though1

MamaCaz Wed 06-Nov-19 13:34:55

I'm a woman, grapefruitpip, and OH a man, though I frequently preface the latter with a few choice words when he's behaving in a particularly un-gentlemanly way in other words most of the time! grin

PernillaVanilla Wed 06-Nov-19 13:37:54

Elegran!!!! grin

Bathsheba Wed 06-Nov-19 13:39:52

“Tonight’s performance will begin in 3 minutes; would you all please take your seats”. Simples.

Doodle Wed 06-Nov-19 13:45:11

Exactly elegran grin

Namsnanny Wed 06-Nov-19 13:58:58

Just who decides this is how ‘we’ wished to be addressed and why give it head space?

Wheniwasyourage Wed 06-Nov-19 14:36:39

Love it, Elegran

MawB Wed 06-Nov-19 14:44:05

Truly dotty Nan
But frankly nowhere do I encounter the form of address “Ladies and gentlemen” certainly not at the Royal Exchange yesterday.
I like Elegran’s version if needs must.

SueDonim Wed 06-Nov-19 18:19:02

grin Elegran

EllanVannin Wed 06-Nov-19 18:50:02

What are the signs outside toilets these days ?

BlueBelle Wed 06-Nov-19 19:04:30

elegran what’s the betting there’d still be one standing