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evianers Mon 29-Oct-18 12:46:36

Nowdays, even here in France, this awful custom has arrived in force. Trick or Treat, when the local children don't even know what this means or how to pronounce it properly. Talk about overrated and extremely annoying to say the least. So we put down all the shutters, only switch on one dim light and watch TV until the little monsters have gone away. Bah!

grandtanteJE65 Mon 29-Oct-18 13:16:05

I don't mind so much that the American version of Hallowe'en is invading Denmark, but I do object to it practically pushing the traditional day where Danish children did something similar out of the calendar. Here it was the Monday preceding Ash Wednesday that was the children's day for dressing up and going out collecting money for sweets.

lilypollen Mon 29-Oct-18 13:57:52

Commercialism over traditionalism, sadly. That sounds a sweet(no pun intended) Danish custom.

Wheniwasyourage Mon 29-Oct-18 14:18:45

It's the signs saying 'Happy Hallowe'en' (or rather Halloween) which annoy me the most. What on earth does that mean, apart from 'Get as many sweeties and spend as much on a costume as you can"? confused

Grammaretto Mon 29-Oct-18 14:40:27

Bah humbug!! I also regret the change from homemade costumes, singing a song or telling a joke in exchange for a few sweets or coins.
Here in Scotland it was always guising, short for disguising, gatherings and parties around the fire. We had treacle scones and apple dooking, stories and games.
Turnip lanterns. Never pumpkins which don't grow here.
I guess it doesn't really matter but it was a lot of fun and very spooky.

Teetime Mon 29-Oct-18 15:12:08

I love to see the children's costumes and to give them little treats- looking forward to it.

yggdrasil Mon 29-Oct-18 16:01:12

I don't do Halloween, this is Samhain

MiniMoon Mon 29-Oct-18 17:15:08

Same in DD's house yggdrasil. It's my DGC's favourite holiday. They don't buy costumes, but make their own. I visited this morning and was show the different masks they have been making, they are very inventive.

Cherrytree59 Mon 29-Oct-18 17:34:20

I'm with teetime we are having 2 Hallowe'ens!
Started off yesterday at local farm with tractor ride to pick pumpkins.
Tomorrow DGC will be pumpkin carving with grandad.
Hallowe'en evening family for tea
Excited little one dressed in their costumes.
When it gets dark pumpkin placed in front garden to signal that we are expecting monsters vampires etc.

Our boys also dressed up will dish out the treats at the door. (We haven't as yet ventured out).

The children are usually all young accompanied by parents.

When sweets are gone we bring pumpkins in and are not then bothered by older children.

Saturday our Son, DiL and little 3yr old grandson will be visiting.
So our decorations and pumpkins will still be up, All 3 grandchildren will be dressed up in their Hallowe'en costumes.
Spooky party food (probably half price by thenwink)

MamaCaz Mon 29-Oct-18 18:01:54

Bring back Mischief Night (4th Nov).

No need for costumes, no need for treats - just the 'tricks'. Loved by kids and absolutely hated by adults, especially the elderly!

I am guessing that only the Northerners on here will have a clue what I am talking about grin
Not surprisingly, it seemed to die out just as Hallowe'en started to grow in popularity, which in my native part of Yorkshire was probably in the mid 1970s.

mrsmopp Wed 31-Oct-18 17:47:59

We never celebrated Halloween when we were young, or even when my kids were young. We looked forward to a properly organised bonfire night, and loved the bonfire, the fireworks, the baked potatoes and the guy.
We don't have to follow everything the Americans do, - we have our own traditions.
Halloween has never appealed to me.

Grandma70s Wed 31-Oct-18 18:19:36

Just keep the apostrophe in it and then I’ll go along with it.

BlueBelle Wed 31-Oct-18 18:30:47

I don’t like the American Hallowean but I do always accept callers I have a notice on the door saying Little witches and wizards welcome and some candles on my step and so far I’ve had five very little people with their mums The last one saying ‘Appy Allowin’ to me I thought that was much nicer that trick or treat which always seems a bit of a threatening thing for kids to say a bit like ‘ you’re money or your life’

Anyway I don’t mind at all I like seeing the little ones they are very good around here to only call where they are welcomed where they see a pumpkin or lights and they all seem to be out with mums or dads

BlueBelle Wed 31-Oct-18 18:33:49

It was around for my kids 50 years ago as I can remember always making green ‘poisoned’ buns And we used to walk a few paces behind
The grandkids enjoyed it when they were young but too old to bother now
They celebrate it much more in Ireland my big teen grandkids there still go out and about with their costumes and dressed up houses