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Phrases/sayings that drive me mad! 236 Wobbles
The murder victim as contortionist? 7 Jane10
How do YOU say it? 144 JackyB
Aaarrrgghhh! 44 Bathsheba
Burqa or niqab- why can’t people get it right? 89 Zsarina
You'll love this one! 44 Jalima1108
When is a cube not a cube? 17 M0nica
incorrect use of words 75 Ngaio1
That or who? 7 grandtanteJE65
I didn’t know I could buy sainthood .......! 15 Grammaretto
Slovenly speech, incorrect grammar etc. 155 sodapop
Inaccuracies in books 106 Wheniwasyourage
Wandering apostrophe, help needed! 15 Bathsheba
NO IT ISN'T, KIRSTY! 63 justwokeup
I and Me. 50 MissAdventure
Swaddling bands. 19 grandtanteJE65
Please, please understand, it's a SOCKET! 10 Dontaskme
Tow /toe 10 Greta
Mistakes you have made 15 Grannyknot
If you don't like effing, even funny effing, don't look. There, their, they're bloody well done ;) 33 Charleygirl5
OK, here's my latest gripe! 9 Bellanonna
Thanks for the offer, but I will NOT take my clothes off! 34 annep
What? 7 annep
Apples 29 sarahellenwhitney
Wild birds don't pose.... 6 Jalima1108
Good to go 28 grannyticktock
Past/passed 74 grannyticktock
Hallowe'en 14 BlueBelle
Commas are vital. 6 grandtanteJE65
Overuse of word 'abuse' 28 GrandmaMoira
Signs I’m becoming an old woman #3764 20 PECS
Dropping their Ts. 4 eazybee
Oh dear......have just seen another one. 125 oldgimmer1
In 'hail' health. 10 grandtanteJE65
Four times I’ve read this today..... 34 Auntieflo
“ Lose” and “loose” 35 Elegran
England are through to the semi finals 14 silvertone
Christmas 'lunch' 88 MawBroon
Lay or lie? 73 lemongrove
Since when did a customer services adviser become an advocate? 38 grumppa
Can I get? 169 Rufus2
live shtreaming 2 fourormore
Strange use of 'colleagues'? 49 MissAdventure
Uninterested/disinte rested 62 Jalima1108
Rings and bands... 37 Grammaretto
Another FB howler 3 NonnaW
This made me smile (wryly) 25 NanaMacGeek
at Lymington. 23 grandtanteJE65
Buy or Leave? 6 rubytut
I saw this and thought of you! 😁 13 MiniMoon