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sodapop Fri 14-Dec-18 21:38:21

I have seen this error several times recently in a newspaper, and in books.
Talking about a person who has to toe the line - its not 'towing' the line grrrrr

Melanieeastanglia Fri 14-Dec-18 21:58:27

I haven't seen this particular error but agree with you that it's "toe" the line.

mcem Fri 14-Dec-18 22:30:23

I have noticed it several times recently but only on GN!

Greta Sat 15-Dec-18 11:07:21

It's the problem with the English languge! Many words sound the same but have different spelling, thus confusion reigns.

MawBroon Sat 15-Dec-18 11:29:25

Think of the meaning - standing in a line, side by side with everybody’s feet just touching a line painted on the ground.
How can anybody be confused?
Similarly with “rein them in” nothing to do with kings or queens but the reins on a horse’s bridle.

Greta Sat 15-Dec-18 12:18:30

MawBroon: Think of the meaning...How can anybody be confused?

Well, as I see it, this is the difficulty. People don't think. If they did, nobody could ever write "I could of done it".
Not so long ago I saw the following scribbled note on a front door "We won't by from you so dont waist are time".
Obviously not much thinking there.

sodapop Sat 15-Dec-18 16:56:23

Oh dear Greta that was bad, do you think it was a joke ?

Greta Sat 15-Dec-18 17:12:22

I don't think it was a joke, Sodapop. I believe a lot of bad spelling can be attributed to poor speech. Also, many people never consult a dictionary to check spelling.

BBbevan Sat 15-Dec-18 17:35:23

Trouble is you have to be able to spell to consult a dictionary 🤔

Greta Sat 15-Dec-18 18:02:15

True, BBevan. It also helps if you know your alphabet!