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Esther1 Sat 29-Jun-19 17:04:10

I seem to have been asked quite a lot to sponsor somebody for doing something which I kind of feel they want to do anyway, for example, bungee jump/cycling to Paris etc. I absolutely appreciate that any money raised for a good concern is amazing - but am I also paying for them to do something they ought to fund themselves if they want to do it? I was also recently asked to sponsor somebody to sit in a bath of cold baked beans!! I’m sorry, but surely they could do something more useful ..... I would sponsor really good money for somebody to pick up litter or clean up graffiti- but maybe that’s no fun for them. Am I just an old killjoy or what do other gransnetters think?

suziewoozie Sat 29-Jun-19 17:13:31

By sponsorship you mean paying towards the costs of doing whatever they are doing eg cycling up Everest whilst raising money for a charity? I sponsored a friend to do a long cycle trip (which he wanted to) but all the money I gave him went to the charity and he paid all the costs of travel, accommodation, food himself.