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Tess on Strictly

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Antonia Sat 28-Sep-19 19:59:07

Tess has just asked the question, 'did your girl do good?' I cannot stand it when people use this expression, and it is becoming mainstream. 'You did well,' should be normal, not, ' you did good!'

MiniMoon Sat 28-Sep-19 21:35:54

I quite agree. It is one of those terrible American imports.
I don't like the answer "I'm good", when someone asks after you either. I'm asking about your well-being, not your morals.
I don't watch Strictly Come Dancing, we've got BGT The Champions on at the moment.

KatyK Mon 30-Sep-19 09:51:27

Drives me mad too. Also 'Would you like a cup of tea?' 'I'm good thanks'. I didn't ask how you were. I asked if you wanted a cup of tea!