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Grammaretto Fri 10-Jul-20 23:21:35

I keep hearing that wearing face-masks is to be mandatory.
I never heard this word before the covid pandemic and now we hear it all the time.
Does it mean obligatory or compulsory? Does anyone know the difference? Does it matter?

geekesse Sat 11-Jul-20 00:11:32

Mandatory means ‘required by law’, so you break the law if you fail to do whatever it is that is required. Obligatory and compulsory don’t necessarily have any legal force.

Kalu Sat 11-Jul-20 00:14:15

Yes it matters Grammaretto as mandatory means it is required by law.

paddyanne Sat 11-Jul-20 00:21:10

it is already mandatory in Scotland and it appears most are complying ,friends from across the country say they are pleasantly surprised that so many had masks on in shops today .Lets hope Nicola is right and it will become a habit like putting on your seat belt.With the rise in cases again in Carlisle we need to protect ourslves as best we can ,closing the roads may become necessary if we dont want it to become a problem here again.We're doing so well ,more days without a death than with we cant want that to go backwards surely?

Baggs Sat 11-Jul-20 08:26:58

The mandatoriness of the Scottish Masquerade, as MrB calls it 😷, has begun, grammaretto. Get your nose and mouth covering on! 😉

Grammaretto Sat 11-Jul-20 08:49:36

Ha Ha! I understand that Baggs and there has been a frenzy of mask making activity in the G household - it was the use of the M word being used for this purpose and this alone which prompted my query. on this forum

suziewoozie Sat 11-Jul-20 09:16:39

Not wishing to be pedantic, but does the word ‘statutory’ need to be included in this discussion? 😀

Jane10 Sat 11-Jul-20 10:38:03

We always had to do 'mandatory training' when I was working. It's not a new word.

FarNorth Sat 11-Jul-20 11:09:53

suziewoozie this is pedants' corner.
You absolutely must be pedantic!

suziewoozie Sat 11-Jul-20 12:56:17

How about this?

‘As adjectives the difference between statutory and mandatory is that statutory is of, relating to, enacted or regulated by a statute while mandatory is obligatory; required or commanded by authority‘

That’s my understanding