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varian Thu 20-Aug-20 13:36:43

Why do people now say "from the get go" instead of "from the start"?

MawB2 Thu 20-Aug-20 13:38:30

Is it not from
“Get ready, Get set, Go!” .

JackyB Thu 20-Aug-20 13:41:38

I rather like it. Alliteration and all that.

JackyB Thu 20-Aug-20 13:43:01

As to the question :Why do they say it?

No idea, someone must have started it. Doesn't seem to be American, though.

Bathsheba Thu 20-Aug-20 14:21:24

I’m pretty sure it is American. Yes we could all say ‘from the start’ but so what if we use something new? Languages evolve. If we never used different ways of saying something, we’d all still be using the language of Chaucer.

sodapop Thu 20-Aug-20 15:49:55

Yes it is an Americanism I'm sure Bathsheba my daughter lived in America for a few years and seems to have picked it up there. It's not an expression I would use but doesn't bother me unduly.

Jane10 Thu 20-Aug-20 16:13:17

I can't stand 'get go'. Also when did 'uptick' become so popular?

varian Thu 20-Aug-20 16:15:16

We have an "uptick" thread Jane

Bathsheba Thu 20-Aug-20 16:16:23

I’ve not come across uptick Jane - how is it used?

Bathsheba Thu 20-Aug-20 16:17:09

X posts varian!