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grannyrebel7 Sat 26-Sep-20 21:11:34

If I hear anyone else say "It was so fun' instead of such fun I'll scream! So irritating!

grandtanteJE65 Sun 27-Sep-20 11:53:11

And sometimes what they meant was, "it was so funny".

Bellanonna Sun 27-Sep-20 12:08:07

Oh I haven’t heard that one yet.

My hairdresser says, “Oh yes, a million percent”, over and over again. Multiple grrrs

sodapop Sun 27-Sep-20 13:34:01

I have a friend who says "it was a small little ...."

One that really irritates is " most sweetest" no its sweetest or most sweet .

merlotgran Sun 27-Sep-20 14:03:56

Drives me mad as well. What's wrong with, 'so much fun?'

Blossoming Sun 27-Sep-20 15:22:20

How very dare they! 🤣

Bluejude Sat 07-Nov-20 12:00:45

Not a matter of pronunciation, I know, but how about "Me and Jane went to the shops" - doesn't that make you shudder? Would the speaker say "Me went to the shops with Jane?"

Susiewong65 Sat 07-Nov-20 12:07:49

Because of the area I live in I often hear “ That’s a good ideal”
instead of idea ! Ggrrrr

ninathenana Sat 07-Nov-20 15:19:22

Susiewong My grandma who was from Bristol used to say ideal instead of idea

Coolgran65 Sat 07-Nov-20 15:25:42

I see often the written word draw used for drawers. Why ??

BBbevan Sat 07-Nov-20 15:47:36

So seems to be the ‘go to’ word at the moment. Many people start a sentence with it !!!!!

Grannybags Sat 07-Nov-20 15:51:22


Because of the area I live in I often hear “ That’s a good ideal”
instead of idea ! Ggrrrr

Yes and areal instead of area. In fact most words that end in an 'a' have an 'l' added.

I have a friend whose daughter is called Deborah and she pronounces it Deborahl

Bristol used to be Bristowe so I assume they've always done it!

Anniezee Thu 12-Nov-20 11:55:44

What annoys me when I hear them:
Learning lessons (and then they are not)
It is absolutely clear (from government ministers which means it is absolutely unclear but I am avoiding answering the question)
Ticking boxes
Starting a sentence with "so" - I agree with BBbevan! Everyone's doing it now.
More better, more clear - it should be even better, clearer
When few and less are used incorrectly
When people use "literally" as in "I literally died when..."
And don't even mention apostrophes in wrong places

Nannan2 Thu 12-Nov-20 12:04:35

That is so strange, that they end words with a 'l' when it does not belong there.I would have to move, I'm afraid i could not stand it!😅

Daddima Thu 12-Nov-20 14:13:46

Grannybags my neighbour plays music on her ‘stereal’. She also has ‘ balances’ on her bed.

What about ‘reversing back’ ? Or raising it up’? As opposed to....?

Or ‘redoing it again’ ( which could be correct sometimes!)

Gingster Thu 12-Nov-20 14:17:29

I feel the same grannyrebel . I first heard my my GD say it a couple of years ago. She’s at uni so quite intelligent. I started correcting her and then heard other youngsters saying it. Drives me 🤪

MaizieD Thu 12-Nov-20 14:49:38

'Excited for' angry

Is no-one ever taught what prepositions mean any more?

I hope I never hear 'so fun'...

kircubbin2000 Thu 12-Nov-20 14:59:18

My grandson has started saying I had went or I seen.Must be the new school.