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Ellianne Tue 17-Nov-20 09:25:28

There are now seven Coronavirus testing sites in Telford and Wrekin with lot's of capacity.

I wouldn't want to live here. Hope their testing is more accurate than their grammar.

lemongrove Tue 17-Nov-20 09:30:41

I hope they give people lollipop’s after the tests for being brave.

Onthenaughtystep1 Tue 17-Nov-20 09:33:27

😁 Ah the greengrocer’s apostrophe!
The market stall I visit at the weekend now has every single price tag in English since I had a quiet word with the owner.
I haven’t seen any apple’s there for ages.

Ellianne Tue 17-Nov-20 09:34:21

I was thinking maybe people have to turn up in groups ("lots"). Social distancing knocked on the head with a gavel.

eazybee Tue 17-Nov-20 09:47:04

Every time I see the word 'lots' used I wince; it was a particular dislike of a form mistress and we were forbidden to use it.
She would have pounced on this and made the culprit think of three different phrases to replace it.

Davidhs Tue 17-Nov-20 10:08:32

The one that foxes me is Grand Prix, in plural Grands Prix

Not sure where the apostrophe goes if any, but casual punctuation seems to be the norm these days.

Witzend Sun 22-Nov-20 08:47:08

Having worked for our council, I can’t say I’m surprised.
Among so many other things there was once a basic mistake on my annual appraisal form.
I corrected it in red pen before it went back!

At least they’ve got ‘there are’ with a plural.
‘There is’ with a plural is everywhere now - it really grates on me.

grannyticktock Sun 22-Nov-20 10:30:02

To be fair, some keyboards have autocorrect systems that put in apostrophes where the writer didn't. Of course, it should have been proofread, but if the writer typed it correctly and then ran a quick spellcheck, an error like this could slip through.

Grammaretto Sun 22-Nov-20 12:28:07

grannyticktock you are very forgiving. Surely, when something is for a public website, proper attention should be paid to spelling and grammar.

Nannarose Sun 22-Nov-20 14:26:35

If you accept that it is French, then Grands Prix is correct, as Prix is the same in plural and singular. If spoken, then Grands sounds the same, so it isn't noticeable.
I am always unsure when using foreign terms that have entered in to English. I now say 'stadiums' rather than 'stadia' as I think the latter now sounds strange.

Nonogran Sun 22-Nov-20 16:01:04

Seen yesterday in a local seaside town. A sign on a slate above some circular Holly & Ivy decorations to hang on your front door:
"Get your reefs here. £8"

Think about it!!

Ellianne Mon 23-Nov-20 18:17:02

^At least they’ve got ‘there are’ with a plural.
‘There is’ with a plural is everywhere now - it really grates on me.^
Witzend BBC 6 o'clock news reporter, "There is challenging times ahead."

MrsThreadgoode Mon 23-Nov-20 21:47:55

Ellianne why wouldn’t you want to live here ( your OP)

Maybe like the unfortunate person who wrote ‘lot’s ‘ it was just a typo?

Because I live here and it’s ok.

Ellianne Mon 23-Nov-20 21:58:14

It was a joke!
Because I wouldn't want to be tested by an incompetent council incase they messed up. We had that very scenario in the South West when Taunton bungled the results giving false positives and sent every one into a panic. That was far more serious than a small grammatical error but we still managed to smile. smile