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grannyrebel7 Sat 09-Jan-21 12:59:43

Discussing the storming of the Congress building in the US my friend, on our WhatsApp group, wrote that it was a coo! Would you tell her? I didn't have the heart.

Grandma70s Sat 09-Jan-21 13:07:02

I’d reply using the word and spelling it properly. It might sink in!

Charleygirl5 Sat 09-Jan-21 13:12:42

I would do the same as Grandma70s. I try to do it on GN with the "I would ofs!"

CherryCezzy Sat 09-Jan-21 13:31:11

I'd reply and find a way to use the word coo in one sentence followed with the correct spelling in the next.

eazybee Sat 09-Jan-21 13:41:27

I noticed one of the protesters outside the Capitol carrying a banner proclaiming 'Joe Biden is a peodophile'.

Mamardoit Sat 09-Jan-21 14:18:22

I wouldn't bother too much. I know how dyslexic people have a like long struggle with spelling. Three of my sons are affected and too put it bluntly they went through hell at school.

You'll pick it up if you look, cover, write.
You'll pick it up if you write it out 20, 30, 100+ times
You'll pick it up if you read more.

No they really don't!

You would have done if your parents had bothered to provide books, read to you, make you learn them at home.

We did all that with bells on. We also paid for private lessons out of school to boost their confidence.

Mine were lucky that we could do everything possible to help them. We found things they could excel at so they gained respect from others. It never really helped their spelling but they eventually learned to read well enough and managed the illusive grade C Eng Language.

Post 16 thing became easier. A levels and degrees and good careers have followed but there is still that worry that others judge them. Also the worry that their own children will have similar problems.

English spelling is far from straight forward. If you can understand what someone is trying to say that's good enough surely.

Mamardoit Sat 09-Jan-21 14:25:18

Sorry if the above is misspelt, badly punctuated, or switches tense mid sentence anywhere. It just happens with some of us.

Vickysponge Sat 09-Jan-21 14:30:06


Discussing the storming of the Congress building in the US my friend, on our WhatsApp group, wrote that it was a coo! Would you tell her? I didn't have the heart.

No, I wouldn’t tell her. Why would you? It’s bad manners in my opinion.

MamaCaz Sat 09-Jan-21 14:35:12

I often see errors in messages from friends, including those with very good qualifications.
I wouldn't dream of pointing out their mistakes unless they had at some time made it known that they would appreciate that kind of correction - and unless they were criticising someone else's grammar/spellings in their messages, in which case I would struggle to contain myself.

grannyrebel7 Sat 09-Jan-21 16:16:07

That's exactly what I thought Vickysponge! I just thought I'd share it because it was funny more than anything. Pigeons spring to mind smile

lemongrove Sat 09-Jan-21 16:25:31

I think that I would have answered with the word coup in there somewhere, (that isn’t pointing out a spelling mistake) but she may then realise ‘oh, that’s how you spell it!’ Possibly she has never seen it written before.I was very grateful when a teenager and talking to an Aunt that she answered my question without referring to my mis-pronunciation of a word ( in that case I had seen it written but not heard it pronounced) and did it in a gentle way, pronouncing the word properly.
It’s all down to the way you do it OP😃

Kim19 Sat 09-Jan-21 16:30:01

No. Please don't correct her. It's unkind. You know what she means and let that be enough. Some of us are lucky to have had a better education/life experience than others. Also some have keyboards, prediction and fingers that get things wrong. Continue to enjoy your friendship. Lovely.

sodapop Sat 09-Jan-21 16:31:55

A friend messaged me to say Trump was insighting people to violence. Don't think insight is in his psyche.
I don't tell people about their spelling errors either, hopefully they will keep quiet about my numerical ones.

B9exchange Sat 09-Jan-21 16:32:50

Could well have been predictive text, that has got me into no end of trouble on occasions!