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On the positive side...(Line of Duty)

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Esspee Mon 03-May-21 06:23:42

The final episode may have been a huge disappointment but hopefully the number of people spelling and pronouncing “definitely” incorrectly will reduce dramatically. 😄

NanKate Mon 03-May-21 06:26:38

Absolutely 👍

grandMattie Mon 03-May-21 06:34:41

I quite agree.
There was none of the tying up of loose ends, H or 4 couldn’t possibly be Brackley as he was only following orders.
Not a happy bunny!

Kim19 Mon 03-May-21 06:35:32

The power of positive thinking indeed. Like it a lot. My Mum used to say try finding something good in everything bad. Think you've cracked it, E.