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Acabbagecalledtortoise53 Sun 09-May-21 12:38:46

My quibble isn’t about whether or not Meghan should use her title to identify as the author of the book, but whether the wording is actually correct anyway. It sounds clunky and I checked out other similar royal titles. It seems to me that if they still had their HRHs, she would be ‘Her Royal Highness, The Duchess of Sussex’. However without the HRH, surely she would be ‘Meghan, Duchess of Sussex’, (minus ‘The’) as for example, Diana. She was Her Royal Highness, The Princess of Wales but on losing her HRH, she became Diana, Princess of Wales. Am I being pedantic? It just seems quite a big blooper to be on a high profile book cover.

grannylyn65 Sun 09-May-21 13:31:57

Won’t read don’t care

MayBee70 Sun 09-May-21 13:36:34

It does actually annoy me that she has used her title on the cover of the book. I assume it’s the sort of thing that would go down well in America perhaps. Yet again I must point out that I was very fond of Meghan and Harry as they did some charity work in Nottingham that wasn’t publicised and did a lot of good. But I’m so disappointed in how they’re behaving now.

eazybee Sun 09-May-21 14:58:48

I think you are correct, Tortoise, and it will annoy me as much as Diana being called Princess Diana, which she never was nor would be. Even the BBC use it, and they used to be such sticklers for correct usage.

Anniebach Sun 09-May-21 16:38:04

It is incorrect but it is America and they always call Diana
Princess Diana ,

Puzzled Tue 18-May-21 16:35:13

They chose to walk away from the Royal family, and the duties.
Why not just Meghan Wales?
neither of them holds any interest for me.

Others have much more pressing problems.