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Elless Wed 18-May-22 10:23:11

Any advice about how to word an appeal would be appreciated.
I have received my mandatory reconsideration notice and they have actually taken points off the original award. I have decided to appeal, not because of the money but because I am so annoyed about the trickery involved. I am currently waiting for surgery on both hands which are extremely painful and as a consequence I need a LOT of help from my Husband but after surgery on my foot last year I now have to use a walking stick yet they state that because I can use a walking aid and grab rails my hands mustn't be that bad. I cannot manage without either of them so what am I supposed to do. I am furious, I wish I could bottle my pain and let them have it for a day.
Sorry to rant, any advice welcome.

FannyCornforth Wed 18-May-22 10:27:01

No advice I’m afraid.
But I’m sorry to hear that you’re in so much pain.
I think that there is a very knowledgeable poster on here regarding benefits, or at least, there was.
It might be worth your while reading through other threads in the Benefit forum.
Good luck and thanks

FannyCornforth Wed 18-May-22 10:28:27

Cabbie21 Wed 18-May-22 10:31:19

Pain is invisible, so it is hard to get across what effect it has.
What points were you awarded, first time and after the MR, and what for? Have you studied the descriptors, so you have an idea of where you think you should score?
Is the walking stick going to be needed for ever, or is it temporary?
That is what you need to concentrate on, not the “ trickery”. The Tribunal wont be interested in that.

Cabbie21 Wed 18-May-22 10:41:18

Cabbie21 Wed 18-May-22 10:44:32

Words like safely, reliably, within a reasonable timescale are important.

Lesley60 Wed 18-May-22 10:50:17

I have pmd you

Gin Wed 18-May-22 11:14:14

Our local Citizens Advice have specialists who help people with appeals. Their on-line advice is good so even if you can just get them to check your appeal form it would be beneficial.

Elless Wed 18-May-22 13:24:01

Thank you for the ideas, I'll look into them now.

Elless Wed 18-May-22 13:43:08

Does anyone know if I will have to send in all my proof in again or will the Tribunal have all the documentation from the DWP?

Cabbie21 Wed 18-May-22 13:53:19

This very useful guide goes into full details of how to prepare and what to expect at tribunal.
No, you do not need to send your evidence again. You should soon receive a bundle with copies of everything and the DWP’s response. You may have some additional evidence you want them to see. Eg You might want to keep a diary for a couple of weeks. Or maybe your husband or another person could write a supportive statement.
Get someone to be / go with you for support.

welbeck Wed 18-May-22 14:03:03

there are special sticks/crutches for people who cannot grip much.
basically you lean on your forearm, and there is a handle that you wrap your hand around for extra stability.
maybe if you could get those through community physio, it would help to support your claim, that you do not usual function of hands ?
i also recommend that you get advice from people used to filling in these claims.
good luck.