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why not try chickens

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nanaberyl Fri 23-Dec-11 14:13:40

We are both retired and have recently got a couple of chickens and i cant tell you what a pleasure they are. They are columbian black tails and are very friendly and very funny. They dont take up a huge amount of garden, they have a shed and area of twenty feet by 10 feet to scrape about in (can be kept in smaller area)But the suprise to us is how they follow us about, jump on our feet and generally love being around us. They need little care apart from cleaning but have givens hours of pleasure and a very rewarding two eggs a day. (ideal to give to someone to look afte them when you are away)
So, why not try them. They dont need walking, very cheap to feed

goldengirl Sat 24-Dec-11 11:31:25

My daughter has chickens, and you're right, they're fairly easy to look after. She did have a case of red mite[?] which needed prompt attention but apart from that they've been fine and the eggs are super. They've had a couple of adventures too. Sadly they're getting old now but they're still enjoying life and as you say are very friendly [they're not all one breed and were introduced to each other gradually]and hopefully will continue to do so until they go to the henhouse in the sky. I'd never stroked a chicken before and their feathers are so soft - and they have personalities!!!