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Any succesful ways of giving cats liquied penicillan?

15 Jane10

Still no luck with rehoming a gsp

16 TrendyNannie6

Help needed please with integrating two adult cats into an already 3 cat house

13 grandtanteJE65

I have 2 kittens 3 months old from the same litter

50 TrendyNannie6

Cat standing on hind legs to pee - any ideas?

12 B9exchange

I organised adopting her, but who does she love, adore and worship?

15 grandtanteJE65

Canine hip dysplasia......breed er response!

20 Nena45

My Dog Has a Lump

7 grandtanteJE65

what do I do about this - baby gull outside our house?

11 Loislovesstewie

Do you have a Staffy or a Lurcher?

25 glammanana

Do you use a Furminator on your Cat?

30 SueDonim

Doggy lovers in Aberdeen

8 Jinty64

Keeping hens

19 Fennel

How long does pet loss grief last?

86 JdotJ

Can anyone reccoment a pet insurer?

25 PinkCakes

Worming your dog.

10 ealmcgowan

My Dear Old Girl has to go

59 Buffybee

Cat not eating dinner! I really was worried!

16 H1954

Butter a cat's paws and it will always come home. True or False?

19 GagaJo

Bird box questions

6 grandtanteJE65

The guinea pig

21 Fennel

Dogs and masks.

7 BlueBelle

Dogs are born to Run

48 grannysyb

Pet therapy

4 ValerieF

Upset with owners

17 BlueBelle

Pet Bereavement During Lockdown

25 Blondiescot

Pets self-isolating !

43 Hetty58

Cats past and present - some behaving badly.

26 Puzzler61

And they say cats aren't sensitive

62 mauraB

Bloody pet insurance

57 almostelderly

Adopting from Romania

55 Coolio007

Cat with hyperthyroidism - missed dose

8 SalsaQueen

Upset tum

19 Buffybee

Pictures of your dogs please.

53 Alexa

Confessions of a Ducknapper

2 Jane10

Hedgehog question

11 BlueBelle

Dog going to groomer

11 Kalu

Clever dogs

9 grandtanteJE65

hairless dog

6 Ellianne

11 year old grandson grieving over sudden death of dog.

22 BlueBelle

what about walking the dog?

18 ValerieF

I’m so sorry

6 ValerieF

Diffuser for stressed cat

10 watermeadow

Putting dog to sleep

35 Fairviewtenby51

Mini Jack Russel

12 Fairviewtenby51

German shorthaired pointer female aged around 5-6 For rehoming.

11 Labaik

Thoughts on getting another dog at the age of 72.

39 Rio24

I would love another pet but.........

24 DanniRae

Pets and Coronavirus - Very Concerned

35 yogagran

My cats bring me a sponge to wake me up

7 sodapop