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Another one who has to say goodbye 😢

32 Flaxseed

Poor little Minou

251 Flaxseed

My dog attacks me - advice please

43 MadeInYorkshire

Do l get another cat/s ?

78 Flaxseed

When to let my old cat go..😿

90 Glammy57


22 blondenana

Wild bird food advice, please!

10 jura2

Elderly cat now loves taking her tablets ...

3 Nortsat46

Rescue Dog

34 GillT57

dog poop

44 Lessismore

Cat litter disposal.

28 Charleygirl5

Dumbing it the end of sensible decisions?

21 M0nica


23 watermeadow


66 farview

Does anyone understand?

59 knickas63

I feel so sorry for my dog..

27 seacliff


20 watermeadow


2 blondenana

Bad Bertie !

30 gillybob

Insurance for dog

30 Willow10

Excuse me little one, that's my spot.

4 jura2

doggy dementia ?

15 blondenana

cat worming and flea treatment

23 blondenana

Introducing a very much loved dog to a new GD

21 Framilode

Nearly lost them!

13 grandtanteJE65

She's definitely weird!

30 nanny2507

RIP Grumpy Cat

10 grannylyn65

Puppy School Channel 4 tonight

7 Doodle

Dog peeing indoors

60 GrannyIris5

Dog Visitors

40 jura2

Soppy nicknames for your pets?

20 grandtanteJE65

When to let adopted adult cat outside

56 lonerager55

He hasn’t done a poo in 2 days

21 sarahcyn

Blind Yorkshire terrier

39 shysal

How much food do you give your cats?

30 Craftycat

I love our cat ...BUT!....

12 Craftycat

Any vets or doctors on here as I need advice

9 sarahcyn

Are we too old to get a dog

64 mumofmadboys

How do I stop cats coming into the garden

30 bikergran

I'm in shock

28 grandtanteJE65

Housetraining a new puppy

41 Mrspn19479

Tempted by little dog

40 Lily65

How stupid can a tom-cat be?

17 grandtanteJE65

Cat intruder

4 Willow500

Very sick cat or is Vet scamming me?

60 moggie57

Cleaning cats' teeth.

8 Jalima1108

My poor little Millie.

33 Eloethan

border collies

29 Jane10

Collars on cats

14 Craftycat

Another cat run over

27 showergelfresh