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Holiday romance

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Advice on living life with an elderly dog

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Cocker spaniel waking up very early

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Feline 40.

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"New arrivals" and thanks once more for all your sympathy

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The joy of owning a dog

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Lump after vaccination

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The heatwave

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Grass seeds

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Why do dog owners think it’s acceptable for their wet dogs to jump at people ?

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Keeping Hot Cat Cool

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Cat litter recommendations (home delivery) please

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Dog passport

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One man and his cat.

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Eau-de-cat litter

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Dogs I have loved

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A bird in the hand

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To spay or not to spay?

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Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

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Dog bathing at home or take to groomer

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Canine hip dysplasia......breed er response!

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Dog owners, could I ask your advice, please?

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Dog sitting/insurance

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What would you do? Re Cattery or not

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Dog food

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Just a bit of fun with a DNA test for my dog

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Not a proper pet but thinks he is...

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cats and raw feeding

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Dog Barking Every Night

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The entrance to heaven for all dog lovers🙂

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Puppy wee

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Out of control dogs

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How bad is peanut butter for my dog?

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Mourning the loss of my dog……

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The Spring ritual - life with Joey the tortoise...

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Toilet training

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GDog suddenly on heat and staying at our house

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Lost Dogs

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Dogs insurance

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Cat fouling in my garden

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Cat has lost her voice

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I have just seen this, don’t look if the sight of a starving dog upset you

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Cat pooing on the carpet. Sprays?

16 ElaineI

Advice please re seizures in a dog

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Too old for a puppy?

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Is this Vet bill very expensive or am I just out of touch?

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A Bucks Luck

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