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Do I need to take cat to the vet?

18 Hithere

Still Waiting for my Vet to send me over a written Prescription.

26 Germanshepherdsmum

I've brought you a present -said by the cat

104 Aveline

Wonderful pets!

6 Susysue

Are you a cat or dog person?

107 Newatthis

Ouch Mum! (hot paws)

24 grandtanteJE65

UK based Romanian Rescue Dog Charities - are they increasing health risks to animals here?

54 Rosycheeks

My dog has dementia. Any advice please.

31 V3ra

Happy days with Joey the tortoise

18 Rufus2

Cat food shortage

14 jaylucy

My cat has just been attacked by another in our own conservatory

64 SueDonim

Black cats

89 TwoWolves

My Cat has just been thrown out of the Vets...😾🙄

96 BlueBalou

Cat flap

9 Aveline

Dogs Anal glands

21 Ohmother

Pet Insurance

21 NanaandGrampy

Cat food recall

5 ev00stanley

Dog afraid of vet

6 ExD

Can't believe it. Baz has died

40 westendgirl

Cats and artificial grass

12 Callistemon


34 JackyB

Vet Meds

5 Georgesgran

Dog poo

20 Sarnia

Keeping our kitten in our garden

67 Dryginger

Frightened cat

11 greenlady102


20 PinkCakes

Any donkey lovers on here?

21 Redhead56

My cat is driving me up the wall . Help please

29 Liz46

Furry lockdown Friend

3 sodapop

Lost and Stolen Dogs - 83 dogs found in Ipswich

14 Sarnia

Diabetes in dogs

9 Dinahmo

Effect of our mental health on behaviour of our dogs?

3 Katie59

Cats scratching sofas

5 SueDonim

My little Loki

22 B9exchange

What dog bedding for a biter?

8 geekesse

Returning puppy to breeder Has anyone does this?

84 Callistemon

Our pooch meets new pup

8 Gingster

Chickens - mine are immortal!

55 Fennel

Warning about dried fruit and dogs

8 Whitewavemark2


5 NanaandGrampy

What's healthiest cat food

32 Tabby555


89 infoman

Has anyone adopted a dog?

20 curlz

Ordering prescription pet drugs online

21 Oopsadaisy1

Russian blue cats

12 SueDonim


2 grandtanteJE65

How to keep foxes out garden

40 catladyuk

I have calico withdrawal symptoms...

37 GagaJo

Telling thetime

51 sazz1

Talking to the animals !!!!!

34 AGAA4