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Thoughts on getting another dog at the age of 72.

38 Patsy70

My beloved kitten what would others have done

31 watermeadow

Adopting from Romania

54 Tedber

How long does pet loss grief last?

71 Rio24

Indoor rabbit

37 picturepainter

Goodbye, Millie.

39 lemongrove

Upset with owners

14 Patsy70

Rescue Dog

37 Patsy70

Honestly, some owners!

8 SueDonim

Extendable dog leads

19 Ellianne

Worming your dog.

9 LullyDully

Cat over grooming

10 Jane10

Dog and wedding

333 arcadia03

In laws nasty when we took our new dog round. We didn't expect them to ask the dog inside.

177 dragonfly46


17 Septimia

Can anyone reccoment a pet insurer?

19 Teddy5005

stupid pet owners

24 Sheila11


6 Tedber

Books for Christmas

3 M0nica

Cats sleeping on washing

17 EllanVannin

A cat who eats brocolli!!

36 Sallywally1

New Dog

62 nanny2507

german shepherd dogs

33 larikon

Cat won't eat alone

21 CarmenGlasscock

dog poop

45 TrendyNannie6

Cat prefers my husband!

46 TrendyNannie6

Keeping Cat Off Table!

37 GagaJo

Cat fouling in my garden

26 HeyTheree

Clever dogs

5 midgey

Cat litter disposal.

29 TrendyNannie6

When to let my old cat go..😿

91 TrendyNannie6

Sewer rat

19 Alexa

Cost of Vet Care

6 blondenana

Keep your cats to yourselves

98 Sara65

Saying goodbye to my beautiful cat

27 whywhywhy

Putting dog to sleep

34 CocoPops

heart warming story

3 Bathsheba

Real meat

16 grandtanteJE65

Cordless vacuum for cat fur.

4 BlueSapphire

Has anyone used a live in pet sitting service?

19 welshgirl2017

Rescue or breeder?

100 LondonGranny

Dealing with pet loss

19 grandtanteJE65

Oliver went Missing

20 grandtanteJE65

Housetraining a new puppy

44 Tedber

15 year old cat

22 grandtanteJE65

Cat eating food too fast.

18 HeyTheree

My dog and my new grandson

112 Iam64

Dog's Mercury danger

12 Larrymango

RIP Grumpy Cat

14 Willow500

Puppy won't settle

22 Tedber