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Advice re dog poo - finish your breakfast first

19 Tizliz

😃A Puppy is Coming to Live With Me! 🥳 Please help me name her! 🐶

153 gmarie

Strokes in dogs

6 Oldbat1

Advice please re wound on leg

21 MayBee70

American Bully

123 Dickens

A little poem for dog lovers? WW11.

12 Grandmabatty

Activities for pup post surgery

6 3dognight

News from (Princesse) Yata- rescue from Djerba.

16 Fleurpepper

Puppy got her jaw stuck in crate at vets

19 MayBee70

Dogs and Dover-Calais ferry to UK - hurrah

14 Oldbat1

XL BULLY Ban by the end of the year.

31 Quokka

cat scarers

6 ElaineI

Puppy goes berserk at bedtime

30 Callistemon21

Greedy cat.

20 Chardy

Tooth cleaning for my dog…

33 MayBee70

What do pets say?

7 Oopsadaisy1

Dog Lovers! Which is your fav breed ?

208 Georgesgran

Abandoned Kittens!

14 grandtanteJE65

Being cross with your dog

103 Sparklefizz

Female Budgie

12 25Avalon


23 Smileless2012

Jumping off a three storey house

11 grandtanteJE65

Dog sleeping on your bed..

142 farview

Unexpected aggressive behaviour

17 Gin

Extra loud clicker for hard of hearing dog

2 Whitewavemark2

to worm or not to worm

17 merlotgran

Serious cat dilemma

191 Fleurpepper

Smell of dog - should I say something?

135 Iam64

Cat allergy

8 grandtanteJE65

British Shorthair Cat Dental Work

19 Camilla7

My cat went over the Rainbow Bridge ............

28 Grannmarie


25 Callistemon21

Crazy puppy time

44 Juliet27

Are you an adopter/rescuer?

171 Fleurpepper

Female in 'season '

6 farview

Urine sample from dogs

10 grandtanteJE65

Grooming an old arthritic labrador, very scurfy

10 NotSpaghetti

Introducing new puppy to GC

8 Hollyhock1

Dogs insurance

18 Joseann

Puppy yoga.

30 Callistemon21

Dogs in hot weather . Cool their feet not their back….

25 Newatthis

Cat ‘accident’

13 grandtanteJE65

Looks as if a puppy is joining the family. Advice please

34 Dancinggran

Yet another dog attack

8 Shinamae

Cat PTS this morning

33 Deedaa

I’m so excited! 🤩

33 FannyCornforth

What is normal for my puppy. Update

3 shysal

It's A Dog's Life .. if only..

76 Nanamary19


13 Tenko

Not sure what is normal for my first puppy!

62 Dinahmo