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Poor little Minou

248 jura2

Insurance for dog

30 Willow10

Excuse me little one, that's my spot.

4 jura2

doggy dementia ?

15 blondenana

cat worming and flea treatment

23 blondenana

Introducing a very much loved dog to a new GD

21 Framilode

Nearly lost them!

13 grandtanteJE65

She's definitely weird!

30 nanny2507

RIP Grumpy Cat

10 grannylyn65

Puppy School Channel 4 tonight

7 Doodle

Dog peeing indoors

60 GrannyIris5

Dog Visitors

40 jura2

Soppy nicknames for your pets?

20 grandtanteJE65

My dog attacks me - advice please

37 Tedber

When to let adopted adult cat outside

56 lonerager55

He hasn’t done a poo in 2 days

21 sarahcyn

Blind Yorkshire terrier

39 shysal

Does anyone understand?

57 Yogagirl

How much food do you give your cats?

30 Craftycat

I love our cat ...BUT!....

12 Craftycat

Any vets or doctors on here as I need advice

9 sarahcyn

Are we too old to get a dog

64 mumofmadboys

How do I stop cats coming into the garden

30 bikergran

I'm in shock

28 grandtanteJE65

Housetraining a new puppy

41 Mrspn19479

Tempted by little dog

40 Lily65

How stupid can a tom-cat be?

17 grandtanteJE65

Cat intruder

4 Willow500

Very sick cat or is Vet scamming me?

60 moggie57

Cleaning cats' teeth.

8 Jalima1108

My poor little Millie.

33 Eloethan

border collies

29 Jane10

Collars on cats

14 Craftycat

Another cat run over

27 showergelfresh

Lighter evenings - hooray !!

4 sodapop

when to say goodbye

15 Septimia

Anxious morning.

30 Jane10

Spot-on wormers for dogs

19 sassenach512

What are the signs of dementia in a cat?

26 Nannyxthree

Cat keeps sneezing

15 moggie57

I no longer want to look after my daughter's cats.

88 Esther1

Dirty dog!

101 Labaik

Washing pet bedding - tips please!

13 LadyGracie


2 phoenix

Petrified of dogs

27 Riverwalk

Dolly the Basset

21 glammanana

Britain’s Top Dog 2019: Staffordshire Bull Terrier crowned favourite breed

6 ClareAB

Elizabethan collars on Kittens

31 Jalima1108


60 Anniebach

Keyhole surgery

4 Daisydoodle