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Would it be fair?

88 ExD

Rottweiler Attack

25 Iam64

I'm a cat person really, but...

20 hollysteers

Dog harness - any recommendations?

12 NonnaW

Cat lovers, can you help?

28 Hetty58

Cat been swimming. Cover your water butts, please!

29 phoenix

Anyone have experience of automatic cat feeders?

13 Ohmother

And the good boy of the week award goes to..🐱

19 phoenix

Do you sleep with your pet?

166 handbaghoarder

Best food for poorly Jack Russell

15 Callistemon

Going to the vets

17 grandtanteJE65

Cat adopting

5 midgey

Does anyone keep Budgies these days..

11 biba70

Advice re sex of intended new puppy

19 Jane43

Bill Turnbulls Pet Sounds for fireworks

8 Glorybee

I had a friend with a Jewish Jack Russell 😯

74 FarNorth

Ordering prescription pet drugs online

15 grandtanteJE65

Dorkins Magnificat

10 GrannySomerset

So sad

27 farview

Covid and cleaning my dogs paws

2 glammanana

Advice needed on getting a budgit please!

17 Casdon

Intelligent pets

79 BelindaB


25 Anniezee

My dog's health is declining. I need to make a decision.

26 Fuchsiarose

Help needed with one of those clever breeds of cat!

39 Ladyleftfieldlover

Cat disappears for days at a time.

28 Jane10

Show us your pets Lighthearted post

72 Spangler

Are you a cat or dog person?

90 Bathsheba

will we have to choose - this is just awful :(

128 GagaJo

Thornit for ears

4 MayBee70

Crazy poodle puppy

59 MayBee70

Dog coat without velcro

19 Iam64

Thoughts on getting another dog at the age of 72.

58 Rio24

cat playing at flying saucers

14 shysal

Cat Pee & the Carpet

18 Sparklefizz


44 ninathenana

New cat.

44 kircubbin2000

Cat Haters.

43 TerriBull

House flea spray

8 tattynan

Best small car for Labradors

15 annodomini

Pets and Coronavirus - Very Concerned

38 MawB2

Pet Bedding

4 seacliff

very interesting programme about genetics and dogs

6 Iam64

I caught him!😉

4 GillT57


7 Hetty58

Bloody pet insurance

62 Georgesgran

How can I stop cat catching bireds?

22 Beauregard

Dog going to groomer

13 Spice101

Pets self-isolating !

45 GagaJo

Vet's prescriptions.

8 FlexibleFriend