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Pictures of your dogs please.

50 Cosmicamel

Hedgehog question

11 BlueBelle

Cats past and present - some behaving badly.

23 GagaJo

Dog going to groomer

11 Kalu

Clever dogs

9 grandtanteJE65

hairless dog

6 Ellianne

11 year old grandson grieving over sudden death of dog.

22 BlueBelle

what about walking the dog?

18 ValerieF

I’m so sorry

6 ValerieF

Diffuser for stressed cat

10 watermeadow

Putting dog to sleep

35 Fairviewtenby51

Mini Jack Russel

12 Fairviewtenby51

German shorthaired pointer female aged around 5-6 For rehoming.

11 Labaik

Thoughts on getting another dog at the age of 72.

39 Rio24

I would love another pet but.........

24 DanniRae

Pets and Coronavirus - Very Concerned

35 yogagran

My cats bring me a sponge to wake me up

7 sodapop

Cockerpoo high energy and whines all the time

20 ValerieF

My beloved kitten what would others have done

36 Deedaa

Dog limping when first walking

8 Gingster

In laws nasty when we took our new dog round. We didn't expect them to ask the dog inside.

178 Rosamundie

Overactive thyroid in elderly cat

11 grandtanteJE65

Rehoming an adored dog

12 curvygran950

The guinea pig

16 Chestnut

Cat won't use litter tray!

14 phoenix

Dog and wedding

335 Woolleycat

How long does pet loss grief last?

72 ananimous

Adopting from Romania

54 Tedber

Indoor rabbit

37 picturepainter

Goodbye, Millie.

39 lemongrove

Upset with owners

14 Patsy70

Rescue Dog

37 Patsy70

Honestly, some owners!

8 SueDonim

Extendable dog leads

19 Ellianne

Worming your dog.

9 LullyDully

Cat over grooming

10 Jane10


17 Septimia

Can anyone reccoment a pet insurer?

19 Teddy5005

stupid pet owners

24 Sheila11


6 Tedber

Books for Christmas

3 M0nica

Cats sleeping on washing

17 EllanVannin

A cat who eats brocolli!!

36 Sallywally1

New Dog

62 nanny2507

german shepherd dogs

33 larikon

Cat won't eat alone

21 CarmenGlasscock

dog poop

45 TrendyNannie6

Cat prefers my husband!

46 TrendyNannie6

Keeping Cat Off Table!

37 GagaJo

Cat fouling in my garden

26 HeyTheree