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Dealing with pet loss

19 grandtanteJE65

Oliver went Missing

20 grandtanteJE65

Cat fouling in my garden

16 Beckett

A cat who eats brocolli!!

21 agnurse

Rescue or breeder?

97 Oopsminty

german shepherd dogs

30 MissAdventure

Housetraining a new puppy

44 Tedber

15 year old cat

22 grandtanteJE65

Cat eating food too fast.

18 HeyTheree

My dog and my new grandson

112 Iam64

Dog's Mercury danger

12 Larrymango

Adopting from Romania

11 Riverwalk

RIP Grumpy Cat

14 Willow500

Puppy won't settle

22 Tedber

Very upset as had to have cat put down this morning

80 Septimia

Indoor rabbit

27 SirChenjin

Dog theft is it increasing?

56 Dinahmo

Fleas on dog.

15 sazz1

Olympic sprinter mouse!

8 Septimia

Peggy caught a mole this morning.

11 merlotgran

Maurice and the gimp mask

44 grandtanteJE65

Keeping Cat Off Table!

31 Lyndiloo

Grooming at Pets at Home.

24 Emanuel1

Cat prefers my husband!

45 Margs

stupid pet owners

20 Fiachna56

Another one who has to say goodbye 😢

32 Flaxseed

Poor little Minou

251 Flaxseed

My dog attacks me - advice please

43 MadeInYorkshire

Do l get another cat/s ?

78 Flaxseed

When to let my old cat go..😿

90 Glammy57


22 blondenana

Wild bird food advice, please!

10 jura2

Elderly cat now loves taking her tablets ...

3 Nortsat46

Rescue Dog

34 GillT57

dog poop

44 Lessismore

Cat litter disposal.

28 Charleygirl5

Dumbing it the end of sensible decisions?

21 M0nica


23 watermeadow


66 farview

Does anyone understand?

59 knickas63

I feel so sorry for my dog..

27 seacliff


20 watermeadow


2 blondenana

Bad Bertie !

30 gillybob

Insurance for dog

30 Willow10

Excuse me little one, that's my spot.

4 jura2

doggy dementia ?

15 blondenana

cat worming and flea treatment

23 blondenana

Introducing a very much loved dog to a new GD

21 Framilode

Nearly lost them!

13 grandtanteJE65