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Purdy's progress

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tiggypiro Thu 25-Sep-14 20:09:46

A couple of weeks ago I posted on another thread about a little feral kitten who as the vet said 'knew a sucker when she saw one' and adopted me. Purdy right now has plonked herself on my shoulder and is purring in my ear so I think she likes it here! It took her quite a while to come to me for cuddles and spent a great deal of time in her hidey hole but now she climbs on my lap at every opportunity.
She is an amazing kitten and already understands 'No' especially when I use my best 'teacher' voice. One thing she must learn however is that 'picky eaters' are not tolerated in this billet.
No microchip, no 'lost kitten' notices so she is now mine and my cheque book is hers.

numberplease Thu 25-Sep-14 20:32:37

Aw Tiggy, what a lovely tale, I wish you and Purdy many happy years together. Any chance of a picture of her, please?

tiggypiro Thu 25-Sep-14 21:03:41

I would love to put a picture on here number but please could someone give me an idiots guide of how to do it. (And I really do mean an IDIOTS guide !)

Charleygirl Thu 25-Sep-14 21:36:03

tiggypiro I am in the same "idiots" category as yourself. Purdy sounds delightful and I agree, fussy eaters shoulld not be tolerated. Once you go down that route and pander to every whim, it will cost you a fortune.I doubt if she could pick and choose when she was feral. What colouring is the little mite?

Deedaa Thu 25-Sep-14 21:49:25

When we took in our youngest (from a not very nice home) he spent a couple of weeks in my bedroom so that the others didn't eat him. He would cuddle up to me in bed and purr like a little chain saw. Once he had the freedom of the house and garden he never purred again for two years! Why!!! After a third year he has now started sleeping on my lap as well - but again why!!!!

Elegran Thu 25-Sep-14 21:54:57

Pictures - You can't put them on all the threads, only the threads under the "Pictures" topic. It is very easy. The only complication you might find is that your picture is too large a file and it won't accept it.

What you do is:-
Select the blue "Forums" link up there on the left
From the list of topics that come up, select "Pictures"
From there select "Star a new discussion"
From there you can browse the files on your PcCor laptop or whatever and select a picture, type a post into the text box , and send it off.

Off you go.

Elegran Thu 25-Sep-14 21:55:44

Start not star.

tiggypiro Thu 25-Sep-14 22:05:29

ThanksElegran I shall give it a go tomorrow with a bit of luck and then we will see if your instructions are suitable for the most incapable idiot where technology is concerned !

Elegran Thu 25-Sep-14 22:14:29

Good luck. Take a deep breath and jump in.

Anne58 Thu 25-Sep-14 22:22:09

Aha Tiggy I seem to remember saying in a post on your first thread about this little cat that "Purdy's Progress" might be a good title for a thread or blog!

Welcome to world of feline servitude!

Although I agree with others re fussy eating. (when we had 3 of the darlings there was no option for individual tastes, although we did find that the ones in jelly seemed to be preferred to those in gravy.(I have had the same feedback from 2 branches of CPL)

Much love to you both, and wishing you many years of happiness with your new employer pet! grin

glammanana Fri 26-Sep-14 14:48:16

Tiggy what a lovely outcome she has certainly fell on all four paws !!

Charleygirl Fri 26-Sep-14 16:23:53

Purdy not only likes to jump on to a lovely warm chair recently vacated by her new mum but she also likes to smell you. She sounds delightful and definitely has fallen on all 4 paws in her new abode. Soon she will creep upstairs and jump on your bed, trying to make herself invisable as she joins mum again for a night's sleep.

tiggypiro Fri 26-Sep-14 18:28:08

Right Elegran I have jumped in with both feet and tried twice today to post some pics. On each occasion I got to the finish line but it just wouldn't load up. I tried to refresh but still nothing. Are the pics too big and if so how do I know and how do I make them smaller ?

Yes Charley I expect she will want to be upstairs soon. One previous cat would crawl under the duvet and hope I didn't notice and the last one came up when he was ready and had no problem waking me up by tapping me on the head until I lifted the duvet to let him in. That usually happened just as I had drifted off into a lovely deep sleep. Shutting the door on him didn't work either as he would just scratch it until I had to get out of bed to let him in.

Thistledoo Fri 26-Sep-14 21:20:18

Lovely story Tiggy, seems you are now a slave and hopefully for many a happy year. Purely is certainly luck to have found such wonderful staff.

Elegran Fri 26-Sep-14 21:50:13

Tiggy It is probably because your pics are too big. You make them smaller by using an application that suits your PC or laptop. I only know about Windows so if you have a different operating system, you will have to see what application comes with that.

If you have Windows, there is a very good (and free!) application called Paint.NET which you can download from

You load your picture into that, and from the "Image" menu choose "resize" and then save the picture after you have made it smaller. If you give it a diferent name, you will still have the bigger one if you need it.

On the "Pictures" forum page it says that the maximum size is 50KB. You can see the current size of your picture in Paint.NET as you try different sizes - when you change the number of pixels in width and height it resamples the picture to make it smaller/bigger.

This app is good for editing your picture in other ways too, cropping bits off the side and top and bottom, and so on, and adjusting the auto-level can make a photo look much better if it generally dull and dark. You can experiment with all the adjustments. If you don't like the result, ditch it and start again. If you like it, save it under a different name.

tiggypiro Sat 27-Sep-14 08:23:23

It's worked !!! I've put up a picture !!

I did cheat though Elegran as I altered the camera and took an email size pic. For me it seemed easier but many thanks for your help. Much appreciated.

Elegran Sat 27-Sep-14 08:56:00

Yes, easier to make it smaller from the start! She looks lovely, and very well fed and happy.


rubylady Sun 28-Sep-14 06:06:47

tiggy You have a beautiful little girl there and she has a lovely mummy.

It did make me laugh though about your previous cat who used to tap you on the head to let him in under your duvet. Pets are such wonderful characters. My little doggie comes into bed for a cuddle at night and then after a short while will get up to go on her blanket on top of the bed. She then happily snores away. smile