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Fur balls

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Sue422 Tue 28-Jun-16 11:05:18

Help! My cat (inherited from an eccentric old lady) definitely more than 12 years old, and a dedicated housecat, goes outside for one purpose and one purpose only.. . . . . that is to eat grass! She then comes back inside, making the most awful sounds of pain and suffering and, with much retching and gurgling, proceeds to throw up the said blades of grass along with a good deal of digestive juice. Occasionally, a lump of part-digested fur is included in the mix. Only last month, a visit to the vet was triggered when a blade of grass became stuck in her throat. Removal of the offending article required anaesthetic and an overnight stay in the animal hospital. The resulting invoice came close to putting me in hospital................. It's difficult to know what to do. I groom her for as long as she will allow, and keeping her totally confined isn't possible. As I said, for most of the time she doesn't go out, regardless of how many doors/windows are open. Any ideas, Gransnetters?

Nonnie1 Tue 28-Jun-16 11:08:03

Try changing her diet? Make sure she has lots of clean water. It's not the water but how clean it is. One of my cats drinks water from the tap because he likes it clean

Nannylovesshopping Tue 28-Jun-16 11:16:06

My cat has always been an over groomer, always a nervous little thing, currently under vet care, as you say the bills are actually obscene, it will be a long soon before this nanny goes shopping. Vet says cats eat grass to overcome nausea they are feeling, so possibly an underlying problem with your cat. As my DD says you should have insured her, hindsight is a wonderful thing, you are kind to take on your cat and hope others on here can help, good luck

nookie Tue 28-Jun-16 11:40:31

Ask your vet for some Malt Paste it helps cats get rid of any hair they may have swallowed. Whiskas do a range of treat biscuits including one for hairballs. You can also buy the paste on-line.