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Dog older than i was told

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valeriej43 Mon 19-Feb-18 16:10:33

I advertised for a little dog to take walks with me, a couple got in touch and said they were wanting to rehome theirs as they now had a young crawling baby, and didnt want her pulling at it,they lived about 30 miles away and said they would fetch her for me to see if she was suitable,i did specify the dog must get on with cats,
They brought her and said she lived with a cat, and if not rehomed would have to be pts
They brought her a little terrier type Yorkshire terrier x,
They told me they had got her from a rescue at around 6 months okd ,that she had been found wandering ,matted and with kennel cough, i asked if i could have her on trial for a week, to see realy how she was with the cats and them with her, as thy hd never seen a dog before
Anyway all went well and i decided before the week was up that i would keep her
She had had no vaccinations so i got that done along with a health check
Last week i took her for her booster and about a skin rash
I also asked about her eyes, 1 looked very cloudy, she has the beginnings of a cataract
The vet, different one this time asked her age, i said about 5 as i have had her for 2 years, and was told she was 3,
The vet said, im sorry but you were lied to, shes about 9 or 10
I was so upset, because i knpow i might not have her as ong as i thought, i did say in my ad,i didnt mind an older dog,due to my age too
She is lovely, and i felt a bit guilty for taking her on long walks,just dont understand why they lied,i would have still had her,but shes very loved and spoiled

MissAdventure Mon 19-Feb-18 16:16:38

I expect they didn't want to say her age, knowing it might put some people off
Or maybe they didn't get her in the first place in the way they said?

Willow500 Mon 19-Feb-18 16:28:54

Ah bless her - it's lovely she's found such a great forever home and gets on with your cats. I expect the couple were worried that no one would take her if they said her real age. No matter what her age is I hope she still has many years left with you smile

judypark Mon 19-Feb-18 16:38:12

It could well be that the rescue centre miscalculated her age when they got her.
Small terriers, especially cross breeds often live up to 15 or 16 years, my daughters 17 years old Jack Russell still enjoys her daily mile long walk.
I'm sure you will have many more years together.

DanniRae Mon 19-Feb-18 16:49:31

Oh, she's lovely - I am glad that she's landed up with you! She looks like a cairn terrier I think?

NannyTee Mon 19-Feb-18 16:55:36

I was just about to say she looks like a Cairn Terrier. I had one from the age of two until I was 17. She was the best dog I've ever had . I hope you will have many happy years with your little bundle of fluff smile

BlueBelle Mon 19-Feb-18 16:57:27

Ohh it doesn’t matter we re all old but got years of useful life in us (😂😂) seriously is it worth getting upset about she’s yours you ve had her two years, you love her she obviously gets on with your cats, so rejoice you have a beautiful kind pet and may well have her for another 8, 9 years
You could have had a young dog that died early for whatever reason
As they say age is just a number

Christinefrance Mon 19-Feb-18 17:10:36

Yes I agree the people who wanted to rehome her probably thought it would be off putting.
At least they didn't just dump her but found her a lovely forever home with you valerie
You were meant to be together so enjoy many more years with her. Our JR still bosses us all around and is very active age 13.

Jalima1108 Mon 19-Feb-18 17:14:52

She does look like the Yorkie we had, they can live to a good age, he would run for miles, and they are usually full of life and vitality.

valeriej43 Mon 19-Feb-18 18:21:56

Yes i ;love her to bits, i think she has some cairn terrier in her too, bt close up she has eyes like a Yorkie, my son has 2 Yorkies and apart from their size their faces look a lot like hers,everyone commentss on her eyes
I wouldnt mind but i said i was happy to have an older dog, she does sleep a lot,and doesnt always want to go out
The funny thing is i said i didnt want a terrier, as i know they are very active, but when i saw her i fell in love with her
I think it was the husbands dog really as he actually cried at leaving her,and she does like men ,
She cried too when they left her, and it always makes me think about the poor dogs that are dumped seeing her cry
I am quite sure she was looked after,but she used to pull on her lead when i got her, and brked at every dog she saw,shes fine now though, and i take her on the beach with ny daughter sometimes, its quite a good walk from here and backtoo far for me and her, she loves it, and is ball obsessed, even takes in the garden when she goes for a wee smile