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Honestly, some owners!

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phoenix Wed 22-Jan-20 17:42:58

Evening all, good wishes especially to those bereaved. flowers

Took Minnie to the vets today for her booster.

Arrived early, about 13.55, our appointment was 2.15.

Receptionist said that if the 2.00 appointment arrived on time they would be seen first. Fair enough.

So, they arrived, with a large young terrier type dog. Receptionist was on the phone.

Dog proceeded to cock his leg on the desk. I raised an eyebrow, they remarked "male dogs, who'd have them!" Then said he was a rescue, only had him for a week.

When they were able to speak to the receptionist, I thought they might mention the "incident", but no. confused

So, the vet came to call them in, they were explaining that he was a rescue dog, had a few issues etc.

They came out, Minnie & I were called in.

I noticed a large yellow puddle on the consulting room floor shock pointed it out to the vet, who cleaned it up. I also told him that the dog had previously peed in the reception area.

Minnie jabbed, flea dropped and wormed (saves me dealing with that for the little baggage!) so we go back to the desk to pay.

Please bear in mind that the couple with the peeing dog would have already gone to pay after their appointment.

I mentioned to the reception staff that the dog had cocked his leg, they immediately set to with a clean up.

Now, this is a rural practice, with a notice asking customers to leave boots/shoes in the lobby (human customers, presumably, don't think they have many patients with footwear)

A farmer had come in to collect wormer for his dog, and had indeed left his boots in the lobby, hope he didn't step in the puddle of pee left behind!

I appreciate dogs will have "accidents" at the vets, and no doubt the staff are used to dealing with them, but don't you think those owners should have told both the reception staff and the vet?

ninathenana Wed 22-Jan-20 18:39:52

I worked for a vet for 10 yrs. I would have been miffed at this behaviour....

The owners that is.

FlexibleFriend Wed 22-Jan-20 18:43:28

Yes I do, although one of my bitches once cocked her leg up the reception desk and when I asked the receptionist for something to clean it up with she said not to worry it's a daily occurrence and she could obviously smell another dogs wee. ( I have two bitches that cock their legs although not usually inside).

Calendargirl Wed 22-Jan-20 18:48:33

There is another thread running about dog poo. I fear that these owners may be potential candidates to feature on there.

SueDonim Wed 22-Jan-20 19:02:44

Obviously bad manners not to tell the receptionist about the ‘accident’ but my attention has been arrested by that fact you have to take off your shoes/boots to enter your vet’s! shock Do they give you slippers to wear? Are bare feet acceptable? Do they have underfloor heating? Carpets? Please elaborate! grin

Btw, my dd took her cat to the V. E. T. He was v nervous and jumped off the table, into a box on the floor, where he proceeded to pee. Unfortunately, it contained a delivery of medications for the surgery. Dd was mortified but they said it was their fault for not putting it away. grin

phoenix Wed 22-Jan-20 19:11:36

SueDonim I think that notice is mainly directed at people with muddy footware!

phoenix Wed 22-Jan-20 19:12:20

Oops, footwear.

SueDonim Wed 22-Jan-20 19:19:46

Oh! I thought maybe your vet’s was v posh, with cream coloured carpets. gringrin

Ours has old linoleum on the floor and a faint smell of urine and disinfection. Lovely vet, I wish he was my doctor. blush