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Dog limping when first walking

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Elliebeth Fri 07-Feb-20 15:47:01

Hi. We have a shihtzu who’s nearly five. Last night we noticed a slight limp in one of her back legs. She had been out for a long walk in the afternoon with my oh and was fine when they came back but then noticed the limp. I can’t see anything on her paw and today once she has been walking for about thirty yards she stops limping. Plays ball and doing her usual chase about the house. Any ideas anyone . Thanks

Hetty58 Fri 07-Feb-20 15:50:26

It may be simply a pulled muscle. If so, she may limp after rest for a day or two. If she's her usual, happy self I'd just wait and see.

Oopsminty Fri 07-Feb-20 15:52:56

Hi Elliebeth.

We have a JR cross and she has had this back leg limping .

We used to take her on a very long daily walk in the woods and one day the limp appeared.

Vet visits proved nothing untoward and they recommended YuMove in case it was arthritis . Which she refused to take!

Shorter walks these days and the limp is rare.

If it carries on with your dog I'd go to the vet for reassurance.

Hope that all goes well!

Fennel Fri 07-Feb-20 16:07:58

I was going to say check for thorns in her paw, but I see you've already done that.

Elliebeth Fri 07-Feb-20 16:14:56

Thank you both. She had a very long walk yesterday compared to what she’s been having with the weather being bad. Kept the walks short today to try and rest it but she’s a bit of a balloon and chases round the house. Will see how she goes over the weekend and if no better Monday will take her to the vet. She’s in the kennels tomorrow for an overnight stay before we go away in April but we are at home so we can always bring her back if she’s not happy. Couldn’t have happened at a worse time because I worry about her anyway !

Elliebeth Sat 08-Feb-20 09:47:44

Just to update. She wouldn’t let me touch the leg this morning and wouldn’t put it down so off to the vets we went. Turns out a small piece of her pad is cut, we hadn’t seen it but the vet said that was the problem. Checked her over and her knee cap on the other leg is a bit loose but the bad leg is fine ! Steroid injection fo any inflammation so good result all round.

JennaPierce Tue 18-Feb-20 09:10:43

Take her to the vet to be sure that there's nothing wrong. Could be a pulled muscle, but who knows, maybe something is wrong with her paw. A 1uick check-up is for the best, you will learn for sure whether something's actually wrong or not.

Gingster Wed 19-Feb-20 07:57:37

My little cockerpoo , nearly 3, has just started to limp a little after lying down for a while. It doesn’t last long and she’s such a live wire. Always ready for playtime, long walks and running after her ball . She too is like a balloon in the house, doesn’t settle for long before she’s whining to run and play. Very high energy. So I exect she’s pulled a muscle. I’ll keep my eye on her. Hope your little pooch is in the road to recovery.