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Ordering prescription pet drugs online

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Charleygirl5 Sun 25-Oct-20 13:24:35

My cat was recently diagnosed with a hyperactive thyroid. A small bottle to inject the liquid on her food costs £54 at the vets.

He will give me a written prescription- does anybody know how it works, please? Any online pet pharmacies used by anybody?

oumaof2 Sun 25-Oct-20 13:32:00

I use Animed
You will need to scan the prescription and upload it onto the order form- very easy to do
Once approved the item will be sent in a few days
My prescription is for 4 separate uses- I reorder when getting a bit low- less than half the price the vet charges

Charleygirl5 Sun 25-Oct-20 13:37:59

My printer has taken a holiday- will that make a difference?

Astral Sun 25-Oct-20 13:43:24

I use Animed and just take a picture of the prescription, as long as its clear and contains all of the info. My vet stopped stocking the tablets I needed but it's so much cheaper this way!

phoenix Sun 25-Oct-20 13:48:04

Charleygirl5, check first how much your vet will charge you for issuing the prescription and for what length of time, i.e. a month's worth, 3 months etc so that you can do an accurate comparison.

Nanna58 Sun 25-Oct-20 13:55:33

We used Pet Drugs Online, vets gave us a 6month script for £15.00. We uploaded a photo from my iPad. Our dog’s monthly Cushings meds are now £50.00 instead of £96.50- result!!

Charleygirl5 Sun 25-Oct-20 13:56:13

phoenix he was the one who suggested he give me a written prescription because of the cost at the vet surgery. He may have heard me have a few words with the receptionist over my last bill- not many missed it!

Astral I am probably the only one online who cannot convert a picture from my phone to my computer. I am a techno phobe and can barely use my phone.

Georgesgran Sun 25-Oct-20 14:33:51

We always bought worming tablets and flea stuff from Medicanimal, when we had 10 dogs, plus DD’s 2. Others couldn’t believe how cheap it all was and queried if it was the genuine stuff and still preferred to pay exorbitant prices at their Vets.

Curlywhirly Sun 25-Oct-20 14:45:29

I use Petdrugsonline. If you cannot attach a copy/photo of the script to an email, could you ask the vets to scan a copy of the script to you and send it via email? You could then just forward the email to the drug company. The drugs I get for my dog work out half price when buying them online; the company are very reliable and it easy to complete the online order.

shysal Sun 25-Oct-20 14:55:39

My cat Bugsie has recently been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism too. I plucked up courage to ask the vet about their policy on issuing prescriptions after starting a thread on GN. My vet said he would buy on line for his own pets if the need arose. They charge £18.50 each time, which will be every 3 months. As Bugsie's medication is for the rest of his life, it will still be an enormous saving. For 100 tablets on line is £44 as opposed to £121 at vet with VIP discount. That is as well as blood tests also every 3 months, I am pleased to say that his test results are now normal and he is putting on weight.
I have been interested to see that your Tara has a syringe of medication, and am pleased that her results are also back to normal. Bugsie has Vidalta tablets which must not be crushed but hidden in food. I bury it in a teaspoon of pate food, but sometimes, like yesterday, it takes up to 6 attempts. He is able to lick around the tablet and leave it in the bowl. I found giving by mouth with one of the syringe-like tools very difficult. He would swallow and I thought all was well, then spit it out later.

shysal Sun 25-Oct-20 15:04:52

Forget to say that you can send a written prescription to the on line companies if you are not sure about scanning.

millymouge Sun 25-Oct-20 16:50:33

I recommend PETDRUGSONLINE. One of my greyhounds is on Rimadyl for his arthritis. I pay £15 for prescription from the vet which lasts about 6 months. I order as many tabs as I want at a time and download the prescription to them (if you can’t do that you can send it to them). The tablets cost me about 60p each, compared to £2.50 each from my vet.

Charleygirl5 Sun 25-Oct-20 18:29:02

Thank you all for your help, definitely food for thought.

shysal I am not supposed to add Tara's liquid medicine to her food but she would not take a tablet, crushed or otherwise and she is unlikely to sit there with her mouth open accepting the syringe with the drug. Her vet knows and as her levels are improving, some medicine is going in. A small bottle is £54- I am giving her 0.5mls a day x2 daily and there are 30mls in the bottle.
Thanks all

JessyPinky Tue 03-Nov-20 16:42:32

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grandtanteJE65 Wed 04-Nov-20 10:33:11

If you have an electronic camera, take a photo of the prescription and send that from your computer.

petsdrugs Tue 23-Feb-21 07:08:36

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Savvy Fri 16-Apr-21 02:21:00

Bit late to the party, but I've used before and had no problems. You can even set up a reminder alert with them so you don't have to keep track of when you're running out.

Whitewavemark2 Fri 16-Apr-21 07:08:34

We take ours to the local chemist. In fact got some this week. Dog has a dicky gall bladder

Elizabeth1 Thu 22-Apr-21 08:44:30

This very topic was discussed in my house yesterday paying the vet for a prescription costs an awful lot of money and it was suggested to ask for a copy of the prescription then buy it on line at a fraction of the cost. Who wouldn’t do that?

Charleygirl5 Thu 22-Apr-21 09:53:38

Make sure you give yourself plenty of time because some companies are good and dispense within 48 hours, others are slower.

My pet drug problems have been over since early January as Tara was put to sleep and I have not adopted another cat. Fostering will be the new route but not yet.

Oopsadaisy1 Thu 22-Apr-21 11:34:11

DD gets her dog pills online too.

We wrap them in a small piece of Dairy Lea cheese slice, she runs to the fridge each morning in expectation, if we give them to her in food she spits them out, she doesn’t like the cheaper cheese slices!