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Dog suddenly wants to go in and out of doors all night

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Oopsadaisy1 Mon 15-Mar-21 04:56:57

Started Saturday night, when we got up on Sunday morning we found that we had all let the dog out at some stage during the night , I had let her out 3 times, even DD on her crutches had got up and gone outside with her.
Same again tonight, well this morning.
She doesn’t pee just wanders around the garden.
Garden is fully enclosed, she doesn’t bark, so presumably hasn’t spotted something outside.
She was spayed when she was young and is now 4 yrs old.
She has been staying with us since last year with DD so is well used to us and has always slept through the night.
Any ideas anyone? Because I’m too old to be up and down all night and it’s making me very crotchety. (I’ve tried getting her just to go into her basket but to no avail.)

Dottynan Mon 15-Mar-21 05:32:43

Have you tried ignoring her. She might be enjoying her jaunts around the garden if you think they are not necessary toileting trips. Maybe the first time you took her out she thought this is interesting.

Ellianne Mon 15-Mar-21 07:43:49

We had one which did that despite daily exercise and we are sure it was because she was bored. In the end we left the back door open (in London shock) at night and she just took herself out. After a few months she got bored with that too and jumped round sofas in the night. She was one of those dogs who never twitched and dreamt in a deep sleep like our others. Sorry, not much help. Hope you get it sorted.

kircubbin2000 Mon 15-Mar-21 07:55:46

Are you sure it's not a cat?😁

EllanVannin Mon 15-Mar-21 08:05:32

Animals know how to pull a fast one on you. I have cats and they were doing this for a spell and I was constantly up and down and they were in and out.
I learned ! I bung them outside about 10pm, sleeping or not, await their return back in then get settled for a good nights sleep.
It used to drive me scatty and it was if they waited for me to sit down. Even now one of them jumps out of the bedroom window then stands at the patio door to come in when the window is accessible shock Attention seeking grin

Hetty58 Mon 15-Mar-21 08:07:16

Oopsadaisy1 I'd say that a change of behaviour indicates that something's wrong. A trip to the vet for a check up is the answer.

She may be in pain, even severe pain from any cause, yet not show it - as dog's really don't (it's a survival tactic).

My little dog became suddenly clingy, yet still was keen on walks and dinner. A few days later, her face swelled. She had a broken tooth and abscess!

Gingster Mon 15-Mar-21 08:19:07

My little pooch waits until after our dinner in the evening and then wants to play. She wanders about the room, wants to go in the garden briefly and back in. She’s on the sofa, off the sofa , whines for attention. She has two walks a day, chewy toys and games but every evening it’s the same. I try to ignore her but she’s determined to get me up and down.

Juliet27 Mon 15-Mar-21 08:24:27

She doesn’t pee you said. Is she going ok now? I just wondered whether perhaps she needed to but couldn’t.

sodapop Mon 15-Mar-21 08:30:39

I think a vet check is in order before deciding this is attention seeking behaviour. Our JR had bladder problems which resulted in him being unable to pee. We had to catheterise him two or three times a day for some time. Once you get the all clear from the vet you can address the behaviour. Good luck Oopsadaisy

Iam64 Mon 15-Mar-21 08:53:48

Yes, always get a dog whose behaviour changes so much, vet checked. Assuming no cause can be found, your vet will,probably be able to advise on behaviour management. Dogs never stop learning how to train their people. Having several people to manipulate is my spaniel’s favourite 🐶

Oopsadaisy1 Mon 15-Mar-21 08:58:42

Thanks everyone, she appears to be peeing ok in the daytime and otherwise is acting normally.
Maybe she is bored DD ? is on crutches and can’t take her out and it’s been 2 weeks now, maybe she misses her walks with her , although on Saturday she had a long walk through the woods with our nephew (who is in our bubble) and DH. So she should have been shattered . Plus she goes out twice a day round the Village.
Forgot to mention (well, it was in the middle of the night )that she has many allergies, the only meat she can eat is duck, so everything else is vegetarian, I’m off to check all of the food labels in a minute to see if maybe they have added chicken or something in the food, that might be making her act odd at night.
kirkubbin nope she is definitely a dog
If there was something in the garden she would go berserk, not wander around in the dark, just as if it was the day time.
I’ve tried to get her to stay in one room but she scratched and barked last night and woke us all up again.
If it happens again tonight , then we will have to phone the vet.
Thanks for your input
PS the little beast is now fast asleep.........

Oopsadaisy1 Mon 15-Mar-21 09:01:16

gingster I feel for you, it’s only been 2 nights and I’ve had enough.
If it happens again tonight I might send her back with the Nephew and see if that breaks the habit. At least we will all get one nights sleep.

Oopsadaisy1 Mon 15-Mar-21 10:03:07

Mystery solved
Many thanks for your input

I’ve just donned my wellies and hunted around the garden, just in case a Red Kite had dropped something in the garden, they sometimes drop pieces of rabbits bodies, because if dog ate them it would trigger her allergies.
Anyway, through the hedge behind the greenhouse, piles of fresh and not so fresh doggie diarrhoea ish pooh. (Yuk sorry, hope you aren’t eating)
So she has obviously had the trots as she never ever goes in the garden, we always get her special ‘help I need to go for a walk and do my business type of paws forward crouch signal’
So, hopefully we will go back to normal. Tonight. Thanks again

kircubbin2000 Mon 15-Mar-21 10:28:53

My cat does that so much he often gets locked out at night. He goes into his bed in the hut then.

Oopsadaisy1 Mon 15-Mar-21 11:33:53

kirkubbin we had a cat flap for ours, he was in and out all night and slept all day.

sodapop Mon 15-Mar-21 16:15:24

Glad its sorted out Oopsadaisy what a good girl to get herself outside in time.

Fennel Mon 15-Mar-21 17:12:58

I was going to suggest oldage/dementia starting but as she's only 4 obviously wrong.
Our collie started this at age 15 plus she barked nonstop outside, poor lass.

Ellianne Mon 15-Mar-21 17:22:25

We had a border collie who wanted the fridge opened for her non stop. If we didn't do it, she used to nudge the seal open with her nose and steal packets of butter and cheese!

Ellianne Mon 15-Mar-21 17:23:00

Hope all is sorted now Oopsadaisy.