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Dog holiday options

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SuzieHi Wed 25-Aug-21 08:43:32

Up until now our dog has gone to friends while we go on holiday- she & they seem really happy about this.
Just asked again & they don’t think they can do our next trip as they’re looking after another dog. Now we’re looking for other dog boarding -
Have found one who have a big dog friendly house & big secure garden, they seem devoted to the dogs & seem to play /cuddle with them a lot. The whole set up is impressive. They don’t walk them off the premises at all though- our dogs is used to 2 walks a day. Would she miss them? Or find playing in the garden with other dogs just as good? At least she’d be safe until we got back. Any thoughts?

Septimia Wed 25-Aug-21 08:55:33

It sounds much nicer than boarding kennels.....

Mattsmum2 Wed 25-Aug-21 08:58:07

Sounds good, as long as it gets on with other dogs I’m sure they’ll be enough exercise running around with them all.

Nonogran Wed 25-Aug-21 10:15:34

Try a trial overnight? Our Boxer used to love his home from home holiday kennels. Slept in the kitchen next the Aga, doggy mates to play with all day long in the big garden.
Never a backward glance as we left him! The kennel owner would send photos of him to our phones for our reassurance. It was perfect for us and the dog.

sodapop Wed 25-Aug-21 12:44:37

Sounds ideal SuzieHi I wouldn't worry about the walks if everything else is good.
As Nonogran said why not have a test run with an overnight stay. Our dogs are quite happy in kennels as well and don't give us a backward glance. We have to try a new one this time as our usual one is closed. I have asked friends for recommendations.

Aveline Wed 25-Aug-21 13:19:29

DD's dog absolutely loved the kennels she went to. She had a great time playing with the other dogs, enjoyed the food and treats and genuinely seemed to like all the staff. She'd be disappointed going home!

Tizliz Wed 25-Aug-21 13:34:21

You must do a trial, but even that doesn’t ensure that the kennel is good. We tried one for a night and dogs seemed happy. Left for a long weekend and came back to find they had more dogs than their licence allowed and our dogs had been shut in their car crate which we had left with them - they had very sore rubbed noses. We beat a hasty retreat. We complained to the vet who had recommended them and were told they no longer recommended them and they were soon closed down. But they seemed so nice the first time. Do check their licence and insurance

MayBee70 Wed 25-Aug-21 13:46:58

I’d be terrified leaving my dog in kennels these days given that dog thieves seem to be targeting them. Would much rather leave her in someone’s home.

DiscoGran Wed 25-Aug-21 13:55:56

I use Rover for our dog, much better than kennels. He loves his holiday mum. 🐶

SuzieHi Wed 25-Aug-21 21:20:52

Thanks for helpful comments- will look at ‘Rover’.
Visited one licensed place today - shocked to be told they could take 14 dogs in their house! It wasn’t very big! So noisy with frantic noisy barking as we arrived - shown through to garden. Chatted with owner - she was nice but house & garden not very clean or tidy. Think there were 6 big dogs there and the owners dog was upstairs as she was ‘ nervous’. Our dog is used to being alone with us - can’t imagine her enjoying being there at all.
Looked at another yesterday - liked the lady, house clean & tidy 6 dogs there but it was a huge house with big rooms - dogs allowed everywhere except upstairs. One of her dogs was an Akita which has worried me . ( They can be very dangerous according to google) Forgot to ask if she was licensed.
Can see this is going to take a lot of visits. The very nice one I mentioned previously can’t do the dates I need this time. I’m going to visit anyway - for future use.

GagaJo Wed 25-Aug-21 21:54:07

Have you thought of getting a pet sitter? The home owner doesn't pay for membership of the site. You can read references. Your dog could stay in her home AND still have her walks.

rosie1959 Thu 26-Aug-21 07:41:19

My son and daughter use different dog care if I am not available One goes to a house where they have several dogs at once he loves it he enjoys the pack play They are also dog trainers and he comes back very well behaved
My sons dog goes to a lady who does just one dog in her own home now My son has a 8 stone old english bulldog who likes to bed share and she is more than happy to accommodate this
This is only required when they are both away together as I do draw a line at a large rottie and a bulldog in my house lol

rosie1959 Thu 26-Aug-21 07:44:54

Remember also Op they are dogs not human with regards to the Akita it is obviously well socialised if it is able to go into a pack situation

MayBee70 Thu 26-Aug-21 18:27:55

I would never leave my dog in a house with an Akita. There are certain dogs that I am wary of and Akita’s are one of them given that they were bred as fighting dogs. And are very much pack animals, too. I’d worry about another dog not being accepted as part of their pack. I have a friend that has Akita’s and wouldn’t have any other breed and they do make wonderful, loyal companions but they still scare me. I’m also wary of Border Collies and that isn’t because I don’t like the breed. In fact I’ve always wanted one but could never give one the amount of exercise it would need. I’m in a sight hound holiday swap group because most of us feel that they need to be with people that understand their needs.