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GagaJo Thu 23-Sep-21 21:42:05

Daughter grew my 2 felines some catnip. I didn't realise that was what it was and wondered why they'd gone loopy. Rolling everywhere and making weird yowly miao noises.

So yes. Now I have a couple of cat stoners. They've calmed down a bit now but are constantly hungry!

FannyCornforth Fri 24-Sep-21 04:02:51

Hi Jo Some love it, and others are not affected at all by it

seacliff Fri 24-Sep-21 04:58:48

Mine wait for it to appear out of the ground in spring, as it dies back in winter. One will eat bits as soon they pop up, so I cage it to protect it. Agree some aren't turned on by it.

NotSpaghetti Fri 24-Sep-21 06:57:47

Wish I could grow catnip as I really love it.
Unfortunately our back garden is a cat loo and I don't need any more felines drawn in.

Sad really as have always had it in previous gardens and it reminds me of happy days.

Nell8 Fri 24-Sep-21 09:06:48

Next door's little tabby spent hours snoozing on top of our catnip in a state of bliss. Our own tabby wasn't so keen. His drug of preference was something emitted by pears. I caught him snuzzling and drooling in the fruit bowl one day. shock

GagaJo Sun 26-Sep-21 13:15:54

Hahaha Nell. Drooling in the fruit bowl. 🤣🤣🤣

LadyGracie Sun 26-Sep-21 16:20:17

A previous cat of mine loved catnip he used to appear quite loopy after rolling around in it. He also liked catnip spray and bubbles. Strange creatures.

Liz46 Sun 26-Sep-21 16:22:46

Our cat likes catnip but I didn't know we could grow it.

seacliff Sun 26-Sep-21 16:29:02

Liz it's a small perennial called Nepeta, various types. You can get it in garden centres, it dies off in winter and grows up again in Spring.

Liz46 Sun 26-Sep-21 16:36:59

Thank you seacliff.

NotSpaghetti Sun 26-Sep-21 16:39:23

Mine was always about 40cms tall at a guess. (16 inches).
It looks a bit like lavender from a distance (not close up) though more fluffy.

Shelbel Sun 26-Sep-21 16:48:35

It's a lovely plant and there are various types, not all attract cats.

I've never had a cat that reacted to it and over the years I've had 8 cats.

seacliff Sun 26-Sep-21 17:59:33

It certainly doesn't smell pleasant if I sniff it, but some of my cats are hooked on it.

SueDonim Sun 26-Sep-21 19:03:02

Some of our cats have gone loopy over cat nip, others seem unaffected by it. The garden plant, I believe it’s only one type that attracts cats, though I don’t know which one that is. We once had a enormous cat nip plant and one of our cats spent the entire summer all googley-eyed by its effect. 😵‍💫

Speaking of fruits , my son couldn’t understand why their peaches kept going off so quickly until the day he discovered their kitten sitting in the fruit bowl kneading away at the fruit. On closer inspection, the peaches were perforated with tiny holes from her claws. grin

MrsTagain Sun 26-Sep-21 19:07:34

You can buy a cat nip spray from the pet shop for about a fiver. I made some crocheted mice for my grandson's cat.I sprayed them liberally and they were very well received!