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GDog suddenly on heat and staying at our house

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singingnutty Fri 08-Apr-22 19:02:54

Two small grandsons and dog just dropped off for the weekend. With brilliant timing dog has come on heat. We have no experience of dogs. I assume she will lick herself clean but we are worried about settees etc. We have covered them over as well as we can but is there anything else we should do? Help!!

mokryna Fri 08-Apr-22 19:06:30

Yes, cover them up or make the rule dog on its rug on the floor. No walkies. Good luck.

Germanshepherdsmum Fri 08-Apr-22 19:45:08

Tell them to get her spayed. Too many unwanted dogs in this world.

singingnutty Fri 08-Apr-22 20:12:31

They are going to get her spayed as soon as this is over. This is the third time she has been in season apparently. Time they grasped the nettle. Are all walks out I wonder?

Smileless2012 Fri 08-Apr-22 20:16:01

Oh yes, unless you want to be pursued by all the dogs in your area singingnutty.

Georgesgran Fri 08-Apr-22 20:30:46

I’d be careful letting her out in the garden too - go out with her as both she and male dogs will be looking to mate. Some gates and fences don’t put either off!

mokryna Fri 08-Apr-22 22:17:45

Two small GSs and a teenaged dog for a long weekend, good job you are not alone. May I suggest that you least your OH take the dog out separately from outings with the small ones as it is only for two days.

mokryna Fri 08-Apr-22 22:18:24


Germanshepherdsmum Fri 08-Apr-22 22:32:44

I certainly wouldn’t let her into the garden on her own, only on a lead.

singingnutty Fri 08-Apr-22 23:22:35

OH, who usually takes no responsibility for GDog when she is here has just put her on lead and taken her out to the garden for a wee. She is more subdued than normal. I assume female dogs feel a bit like us women at the beginning of a period? (Remembering those from quite a while ago!) Thanks for those who have given advice - it really is appreciated.

maddyone Fri 08-Apr-22 23:27:43

Why on earth haven’t they got her spayed? As you say OP it’s time they grasped the nettle.

Pepper59 Sat 09-Apr-22 01:26:02

Sorry but it wouldn't be me.

Pepper59 Sat 09-Apr-22 01:36:21

I mean looking after the dog, not your grandchildren. I think it's a bit much your expected to look after a dog in heat, as well as two children.

grandtanteJE65 Sat 09-Apr-22 14:48:10

There is indeed other things you must do, like keeping her on a very short lead when you take her out to wee! And keeping the garden gates firmly closed, as you will have a ring of suitors waiting hopefully there.

Pop down to the nearest chemist without the dog and ask advice. In Denmark we buy tablets that you give a bitch on heat that prevent her smelling attractive to male dogs. It won't necessarily prevent her being mated though.

Here you can buy a nappy pant kind of thing and sanitary pads you can put on a bitch in season to avoid her messing your carpets etc. I don't know if they are availabe in the UK, they weren't when I lived there and we kept dogs.

Mollygo Sat 09-Apr-22 14:56:43

You can buy ‘pants’ for them. We took our dog out late at night and very early in the morning and we sprayed the path.
We did lots of washing of blankets that she usually sits on. She will be spayed now, but they said to wait till after her first season. Good luck.

Musicgirl Sat 09-Apr-22 14:58:44

I would make her stay in the kitchen as the floor is easier to clean.

Hellogirl1 Sat 09-Apr-22 15:03:56

I used to take a pocketful of stones with me when I walked Heidi, many moons ago now. Not to hit the dogs, just to try and discourage them. It just about kept them at bay till we got back home.

mokryna Sat 09-Apr-22 18:29:55

Fill and old spray bottle with water for the ardent Never tried it though.

Germanshepherdsmum Sat 09-Apr-22 18:46:44

I can’t believe this dog is in her third season. I have never understood the logic of letting a bitch having one season but three is totally irresponsible. Tell your child to look at some of the dog rescue sites to see how many unwanted dogs there are (and they are the ones lucky enough to be rescued). She/he is not a responsible owner.

singingnutty Sat 09-Apr-22 21:15:17

Thanks everyone for all the advice. Luckily we have mostly hard floors not carpets and so far not too much blood on the floor because she has slept a lot of today and cleans herself. I think they originally had the idea that they might mate her and have pups, because several members of DIL’s family have dogs who have had puppies in a properly organised way. However, my DIL now works full-time so that is out of the question. They will certainly now have her spayed!