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Do you have blindness or visual impairment? Would you like to test an OrCam assistive technology device?

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JustineBGransnet (GNHQ) Mon 15-May-17 10:53:46

OrCam Technologies has asked us to find 4 UK gransnetters who are blind or visually impaired to test an OrCam assistive technology device.

Here’s what OrCam has to say: “Approximately 2 million people in the UK live with sight loss, according to the Royal National Institute of Blind People. OrCam has introduced the world’s most advanced artificial vision innovation to the UK, which is enabling a growing number of people with vision or reading disabilities to regain their independence. OrCam discreetly communicates visual information by utilizing a small, intuitive smart camera mounted on the wearer’s eyeglass frame. The unobtrusive and lightweight device relays text and other visual information by audio, in real time, through a tiny speaker positioned toward the ear.

With OrCam, any printed text, from any surface – newspapers, books, computer and smartphone screens, restaurant menus, labels on supermarket products and street signs – becomes instantly accessible. Family members and friends are announced as they approach the OrCam wearer. Favourite supermarket items, credit cards and denominations of pound notes are seamlessly recognized.”

Selected testers will receive a personalised session with a certified OrCam Trainer who will teach them how to easily and intuitively incorporate the device’s technology into their daily life.

Once they have received the product to test, testers will be asked to continually provide feedback on the thread about how they are using OrCam and the impact of the device upon their daily activities. The testing period will be 4 weeks.

Following the testing period, testers will have the option of purchasing the device at a significant discount.

To sign up, please click here.

Thanks and good luck!


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