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GNer with a grandchild aged 5-11? Want to come to the launch of the new McDonald’s Happy Meal?!

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EmmaGransnet (GNHQ) Fri 15-Jun-18 15:27:50

We’ve been working with McDonald’s over the last year to help develop their Happy Meal menu. This included a survey, where over 1,000 Mumsnetters gave their opinion on what they’d like to see on the McDonald’s Happy Meal menu, and a focus group with Mumsnetters and gransnetters, where they could try new menu options and share their thoughts. Following this research McDonald’s are now launching their new Happy Meal! If you’d like to come along to the family fun day at St Paul’s, London on Saturday 30th June to try out the new menu sign up below.

Here’s what McDonald’s has to say: “We are constantly looking for ways to enhance our menu, from introducing new items to evolving the recipes of our iconic favourites. We’ve taken big steps to improve our Happy Meal in recent years and reducing saturated fat, salt and sugar content across our menu remains a priority. This is why we have been working with Mumsnet & Gransnet to provide even greater choice for parents and their families. We’ve heard from Mumsnetters & gransnetters about what they’d love to see added to the Happy Meal menu and we’re excited to be launching it later this month at this exclusive event. We’d love for you and your grandchild to come along and try it out!”

The family fun day to launch the new Happy Meal menu will be taking place at St Paul’s, London from 1pm-3pm on Saturday 30th June. As well as lunch for the whole family there will also be music, games and face painting to take part in! All attendees will need to have a grandchild aged 5-11 but they can bring others along to the event. After the event we’d like you to leave your feedback on the event and the new Happy Meal on a thread on Gransnet. For coming along and leaving feedback all attendees will be given a £30 cheque and McDonald’s will reimburse travel costs of up to £50.

N.B. There will be filming and photography at the event so please only sign up if you’re happy with this.

If you are interested in taking part, please sign up here.



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Auntieflo Fri 15-Jun-18 22:22:26

Why are there two threads on this ?